New leather on BE Couture: Matte super soft black

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  1. I received a sample of a gorgeous black leather, which is very soft and smooth and seems quite lightweight. I asked about ordering a bag in this leather and it has been added as an option on BE Couture (although no pics. yet). I'll try post pics. of my sample soon!
  2. wonder if there's a big difference between this new super soft black and the cervo pebbled black?
  3. This sounds delicious!
  4. Yes, they are completely different. I'll take a pic. of the soft black matte sample against a black pebbled bag.
  5. that's so helpful --- thanks citychris. i'm on perpetual hunt for a great staple black bag. i'd really like to find a supple black similar to rm's night leather. i sold my nikki so i wonder what's comparable in be leathers. i loved its slight sheen, softness and ability to puddle right out of the box.
  6. Is the soft black the same one as Tash's TMA? I have always prefered a jet black leather just like the pebbled except matte. That is the one thing BE has never had and I would be excited to see it.
  7. i like the black pebbled...i have a tme midi in it. what i don't like is how heavy it is. i'm hoping this soft black is light and soft.
  8. how does this compare with the matte leathers thickness and texture-wise?
  9. No, I believe Tash's TMA is charcoal, which is a greyish black and not as soft as this soft black matte leather (based on a charcoal TMA that I saw). It is a true black.
  10. It is a bit hard for me to tell about thickness from a sample, so perhaps you could ask Jackie. In terms of texture, it's smoother, with less variation. It's not completely matte, but has a subtle shine.
  11. Here are some pics.:

    1) soft black matte sample after I scratched it as hard as I could with my fingernails
    2) after conditioning with apple care conditioner (no more scratches)
    3) no flash

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  12. And here are comparisons of soft black matte with black pebbled glossy. The last pic. was taken without a flash. Soft black matte is very slighty textured but overall quite smooth.

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  13. Chris, this leather is just lovely. What are you thinking of getting in this leather?
  14. #14 Jul 20, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2009
    I'm leaning toward a WTM midi, or maybe a WTM messenger. I'm open to considering other options though, any thoughts?
  15. looks like this is a deep, dark black..would you say that is the case? I mean not dusty black or any grey...but rich deep black?

    Thanks for taking the time to do testing and such wonderful pics!