New LE Spies, New B-Bag and Revised Olsen Twins Tote.Lots of Picutres

  1. Hi everyone just got back from a trip to London.

    Lit if you read this please help yourself to any pictures...

    Well theirs a lot of new LE spies out, but I have to say was not blown away with any of them. It seems that the "class" has gone out of these new spies, I wonder who is designing them, and it seems its S. Fendi........some parts have lovely beads on them then they go and put raffer on as well :shocked:.

    The B-Bag is stunning and the beads look somewhat Indian in design, really is beautiful, and as everyone knows I am not that fond of patent, but this one is lovely. price £1,200 or $2,400

    I then stop off at Harrods, and the bag everyone (including myself) has been lusting over was in their, the revised version of the Olsen Twins Vintage tote, it is done in Croc.:sad: though, but they have treated it to make it super soft cost......wait for it....

    £9,600 or over $19,000

    they also had such a beautiful stunning green Croc. it was an amazing bag but more of less the same price.
    Anyway enjoy the photos.
    139_3979.JPG 139_3981.JPG 139_3980.JPG 139_3969.JPG 139_3970.JPG
  2. and some more pictures
    139_3967.JPG 139_3968.JPG 139_3962.JPG 139_3965.JPG 139_3966.JPG
  3. and some more
    139_3973.JPG 139_3972.JPG 139_3976.JPG 139_3977.JPG 139_3978.JPG
  4. and last ones
    139_3974.JPG 139_3975.JPG
  5. Ew , raffia ... why??? The other one with the fringy stuff looks Chanel-esque. Thanks for the pics!
  6. Wow, all I can say is 'interesting, definitely interesting'!
  7. Sign me up for this one!! :yahoo:


    But I agree, whats up with the raffia and drippy stuff? :confused1: Didn't they see the large Sequin spy from last year did not sell and is on the bargain table? :wtf: Hullo, planet earth calling S Fendi...:sos:

    The B Bag & last tan beaded one, would like to see IRL, just maybe...:tup:

  8. UGH they look like really bad fakes, no designer in their right mind would ever design something like that. Not impressed!

    The green croc is lovely though, but it's croc so not for me.
  9. Thanks for the pics, Saich! None of those really raised my heart rate -- thank goodness!
  10. the one with the flowers would be adorable but the raffia just messes it all up... I do quite like the last [tan] spy.
  11. Only the last spy would be worth having a glance at. Otherwise :throwup:
    Thanks for the pics :smile:
  12. A few I like a few I hate! I like the 2 crocs and the last spy. The others are too much going on! I think you need a certain personality to pull that off for sure!
  13. ^i agree with her! Love the last one but the camel Color is an iffy
  14. Hmm... ok... not as amazing as I thought they would be. The black one with the gold whatever kind of appeals to me. The croc totes look utterly amazing, especially the green one! :drool: Are we in for the ugly spy season or are they going to redeem themselves....
  15. First of all want to apologise for my spelling mistakes, I type the thread so fast did not realise.....

    The green croc is amazing, they also do it in black, but you need a fortune to buy it.
    When I was looking at the spies, I felt like I needed a pair of scissors to go along and cut bits of the raffia and tassels of. They might have look OK not think the SA would have like me much doing this