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  1. i'm not sure this bag showed up in the fall winter summary so i thought i'd post about it. in the lookbook preview it was called le malleable, but now officially they don't have a "real" name. we received two in our store yesterday and they were just titled XXL and XL in gris or noir. let me tell you, these bags are gorgeous. the softest leather, perforated (kinda like the onatah). the prices were somwhere around 2100 euros for the smaller one and 2600 for the bigger. they are extremely limited, i guess that's why there wasn't so much info on them. the XXL is really big, when i put it on my shoulder it reached down to the middle of my thigh, and i'm 5'8''. but the XL was a nice size, still big.
    has anyone seen it or does anyone have a pic?
  2. ^^^^^
    yep, its in the fall /winter 07-08 summary by label addict. She has posted a pic there.
  3. yep click the word september in my sig that'll take you to the right page, I like the look of this one but I think I prefer the denim handbag xl which is similar in style, oh and I don't think there that limited, seasonal but not limited
  4. whoops, guess i missed that. my boss said we'll only get 3, so they're rather limited. more than the miroir lockit, because we got 6 of those.
    anyways, i loved the bag
  5. I'm getting excited. I'm on the WL for it, but no one has seen it until now. I wish I could see a real photo of it.
  6. omg! that bag will be MINE! it is GORGEOUS!!!!
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