NEW Le Catalogue available in the USA

  1. So run to your nearest LV boutique!!! :upsidedown:
  2. i will!!! i'll call lv and have them send me one...
  3. FINALLY! I haven't seen a new edition since the blue one last year....
  4. <----My sweet SA just gave me one. I'm soooo lucky, they really don't hand them out like they used to here (in the states)......
  5. I just called my SA and he is going to mail me one!!! YAY, it is about time they had a new one...there are SOOO many new models since the last one!
  6. Ooooh!!!! YAy. *calls SA after I get outta class*
  7. Thanks for the info!
  8. I went today and they didn't give me one.... hmmm.
  9. Oh Yay.
  10. does it have to be your SA? I just moved and I hadn't purchased anything from the new LV boutique. So I don't know if they'll send me one, i guess not huh?
  11. ^If you call 866 Vuitton they'll send you one with their flat shipping rate of $10 :yes:
  12. How odd, my SA just told me they werent doing catalogs anymore because they redid their website to include pricing. Hmmmm I dont like it when SA's dont know what is going on.
  13. ^^^Yeah, I've heard that, too. From a manager, no less. I think sometimes they do mislead customers cause they don't like to give them out so much.
  14. I just get new Le Catalogue today when I buy T&B mini pochette accessories.:happydance:
  15. Well, some SAs can be misleading due to lack of information from their management.

    It's also pretty depressing at times when they just give you a :huh: look when you are describing some limited edition items to them..