New LD Colors?

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  1. Hi there!

    Is there already any intel regarding the upcoming Lady Dior colors for the pre-spring or spring season? In patent and lamb?
    All I found out so far is that a new LD tricolor in red and light pastels will be released as a part of the cruise collection.
  2. i saw that they only have pastels for lady diors online.

    I am waiting for a blue electric colour :smile:
  3. For Cruise 2013 there are 3 bicolour calfskin colourways.
    For Summer 2013 there are 2 tricolour lambskin colourways.

    Note: The colourways available may differ between regions.
  4. Hi eminere!

    any chance on any blues there?

    P.s. Do you have info on crocs custom made petit lady Ds? How much, etc?

    Still dreaming one day to have one!

    Thanks mucho :smile:

  5. Hi Eminere, I just saw a Dark Amethyst (M488)Lady Dior in patent on the website. It looks really dark, almost like black. Would you know whether it come in lambskin? Also there's another Amethyst for the Granville with a different colour code M468. Is this colour avail for the Lady Dior as I think i prefer this lighter shade. My local boutique has not been able to advise me on what's avail as they say the stock has not arrived. Thank you for your input in advance! :smile:
  6. 488 is newer than 468. 488 has arrived in boutiques here so it should be very soon your local boutique will receive theirs. Maybe check back with them again next week or leave your contact details for them to notify you when it's arrived?
  7. Thank you, Eminere!