New lavender Rosemary!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I know Bayley is getting one of these but now I have one too! They're in the sale in the St Christopher's Place Mulberry Shop in London, for £247 (there are quite a few left there). I saw them when I popped in for some Collonil spray last week and they've been niggling my thoughts ever since, and Bayley's thread has been winding me up! So, I decided to just go for it :wlae:

    Anyway, it's a gorgeous bag and I am dead happy that I decided to buy it! It's very different to my other two Mulberrys (oak E/W Bayswater, choc Belle) and I can't wait for it to feel springlike so I can start using it. I'll take some photos in the light tomorrow.

    I think Bayley is going to be really chuffed when her bag arrives! Sorry if I seem a bit of a copycat honey :shame:, I hope you see it as flattering that I've bought one as well!

    Toni xx
  2. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pics please!! Congratulations!! I bet you can't stop grinning!!!
  3. Yay :yahoo: Congrats! Looking forward to piccies...
  4. Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing pics. Bet it's a gorgeous colour. Well done u - not a bad price either!
  5. Congrats, bet it's beautiful!!!!
  6. It is, indeed, a gorgeous colour. I had a look on eBay and found someone selling a Martha just like yours. Is the colour lavender? I'd assumed lavender was, well, lilac but it seems that it's pink. A bit embarrassed I didn't know that - some kind of mulberry-aholic I am :sad:

    Congrats goldfinch - looking forward to pics.
  7. Mine is a Rosemary rather than a Martha Dita :smile:

    The colour is a dark sort of pink, I was surprised that it's called lavender as that makes me think of some sort of mauve or pale purple. There's a lavender Rosemary on eBay too at the moment, so you can see what it looks like. The seller has taken lots of pictures in different lights (IMO it looks best in natural light).
  8. Oooh, your Rosemary sounds lovely. I sold my lavender Blenheim last year and now that spring's coming up I miss her!! I think it's a great color, only a tad girly so you can't really out-age it, and fantastic with denim. :yes: Congrats!
  9. I know - I didn't word my post very well, the first bit was directed at sarajane and the second bit was directed at you :tup:
  10. Wow. How romantic...a Lavender Rosemary. Sounds like poetry to me! ENJOY!!!!
  11. It IS poetry - "Are you going to Scarborough fair? Parsley, sage, Rosemary and thyme..." as it´s a very old song it may be good time now to update it a bit:p?
  12. They are two of my favourite herbs as it happens, I grow them together in my garden as their scents complement each other :smile:
  13. can't wait to see pics!
  14. I've got the pink Martha and it's definitely not lavender, more crushed strawberry. The lavender is more lilacy. I'm branching out into pinks & purples this year (after wearing red forever!) so I may take a look at the lavender bags!
    Goldfinch - pics would be great!!
  15. ah, OK. I thought yours was just like a slightly faded (no offense ;)) version of this one: