New Launch Date for Hearts

  1. Hi! I called 3 stores I frequent today to get on the waitlist for the hearts-to my suprise, NM in Short Hills didn't even have a list!! So I started their list, and Saks in NYC I am #3 and LV in Short Hills I am #4. So if anyone is wanting to get on the list, those stores seem to have room!! However when I was on the phone with LV they said the launch date changed to Feb 1. I called the 800 # and they comfirmed this as well. I don't want to wait!!! I also was told by the 800# that the only colors are violette and amarante, though Saks said silver. I want RED!!!
  2. I called my girl too and am waiting to hear what she says. I will tell you that I frequent the Short Hills stores and I think they are all clueless there. I called them about the hearts too.

    I am pretty sure alot of these limited pieces are distributed to the customers that buy regularly first more so than random people on the list. I know this cause I fell in to a Bordeaux Speedy because they "didnt feel like going thru the list". I said here is my number over the phone and voila.

    Last year I was "first on the list" and first to tell the LV in Neimans in Short Hills that the Pomme heart was coming (they didnt have a clue). I never got a call. So dont believe these lists!!

  3. I have never had a problem with NM in short hills. Maybe its because I am there so much I have developed friendships with the SA's in both LV and Chanel. Maybe they do prefer to call regulars over random. As for the LV shop up there I have never had a problem there either. They are not clueless, well atleast the ones I deal with. They can't be that clueless because after they told me the launch date was changed I called the 800# and they confirmed what they told me. I know Short Hills gets a bad rep, esp the Chanel store up there, but the SA's I deal with must be doing something right because I keep going back there and they keep getting me whatever I want. (its easier for me to shop on 57th street) As for the Chanel store there-do not get me started. You sound negatve and as if you are trying to make me seem as if I don't have a clue. Its all relative. I may be new in this section of the forum but I have been buying bags forever and frequently.
  4. The SA in Singapore says it would be launched end Jan or 1st Feb, definitely before V-Day haha so the bfs and hubbies can all get their wallets ready. :lol:

    I do hope Pomme comes in, or else I would pass.
  5. Nah I am not being negative, I am only telling you of my experience and yes they were negative with those stores in SH. I have stories I could tell u about some of the SA's in the Neimans store so I learned they are clueless and gave up on that store. Now I buy all my stuff from KoP. I guess you have better luck in finding a SA that does know when things are coming out.

    I find it odd that I learn more from this site than I do from the people that work for LV in the SH stores so that tells me something. Sorry if you dont like my opinion. I cant help that I have had terrible luck at that mall.

    I dont know anything about Chanel there as I dont shop there.
  6. It is coming in Pomme, Amarante and Violette
    Plus Gold & Silver
    Release is still Friday 11th, I pick mine up this weekend
    Don't believe the helpline all time they aren't very helpful

  7. i saw it in DFS today adn they have the miror silver and gold and only 1 pieces each...i look but did not buy it....instead got 3 other items...:yes:
  8. I would be interested in having one, but can somebody tell me how much it cost? I remember something around 360? Thanks!!
  9. I never believe them either, LOL!! I am curious though I see that you are in the UK are your dates different than the US?
  10. I just got off the phone with my SA from Short Hills. He said theres a poster in the back of the hearts and it says the release date is Feb. 1st. He also said whenever he goes in the back and sees it he thinks of me (which is a very good thing). So it is 2/1/08!! at least here in Jersey which I would imagine means the rest of the country as well.
  11. NO! Please don't be February 1st. I've been waiting anxiously for so long already. Well it feels that way.
  12. I called my SA yesterday to give her my cc info so my cosmetics cases would be shipped on the 11th, and she said they didn't have them in yet and didn't even know what her store's allotment would be :push:. She said she's hoping for at least 1 of each by Friday, which isn't a problem for me since I'm numero uno on the list but could be an indicator of it's low availability (at least at first).
  13. Well..I called my SA, the manager, at my store and she said they haven't even received any yet. I did manage to WL for the Violette though. Hope I get it soon.
  14. ^Wow I wonder if the cases are that limited too?
  15. Side note: Hawaiian price for the cases is now $365, not $350. Don't know about the hearts if they're dfferent.