New Large Veneta in the red colour

  1. My boyfriend has to teach me how to post my own pictures but I bought a large veneta in the red colour yesterday as an early christmas present for myself. It's meant to be kept in the cupboard until December but I doubt very much that I will be able to last that long!!!

    It's the most beautiful colour. It took me ages to decide between the red and the green but I'm so pleased that I went for the red. :heart: :heart: :heart::yahoo:

  2. Oh, congrats, VKD, it must be stunning! And you`re officially a hero if you manage to stay away from the cupboard for such a long time with that temptation in there!
  3. congrats! the carmino colour is very luscious..
  4. Beautiful! Now good luck on not using it till December! Just use the excuse that you have to get it nice and slouchy before wearing it out for Christmas!
  5. Congratulations!! Can it come out for a little teeny minute so we can take a peek? It deserves at least an action shot before Xmas. :graucho:

    Me bad, you hang in there if you can hold out until Dec.!
  6. Ohhh what a perfect present! I definitely love the red more than the green. Great choice! I personally would start wearing it right away as it'd be more cost per wear :wlae:
  7. Hi, this is not a great picture as this is the first pic I have ever posted but here she is. My large veneta in carmino.

    V :tup:
  8. Oh my that is a stunning color. I just love it! Not only great for Christmas but will look beautiful for seasons to come. Congrats!
  9. My Veneta babies all together. :heart: :heart: :heart:
    DSC00942.JPG DSC00941.JPG
  10. What a nice collection! You don't happen to love venetas do you =)
  11. Wow, a little piece of veneta heaven!
  12. Wow now that's a veneta collection! What a stunning family! :drool:
  13. it's gorgeous!!!!
  14. This red is simply stunning--congrats on your new Veneta!
  15. All of your venetas are gorgeous, but there's something really special about the red; you made a great choice!