New Large Signature Stripe tote in pink!!

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  1. I just wanted to let everyone know that I was curious to see if the pink was available yet to order so I called coach up with the style # and yes THEY HAVE IT IN PINK lol in the large size!!! wohoo I might have to try an order it and see if I like it.. anyone else interested in getting this bag in pink?? they have over 177 in stock lol

    here is a picture of the tote but in the brown color!

  2. If I had a baby maybe I would get the pink (or blue) to use as a diaper bag.... otherwise, I'm not really into it that much
  3. I wonder if they are going to do the shoulder bag with one strap in pink in the large also :confused1:
  4. and also this one is available in pink to order... SIGNATURE STRIPE SHOULDER BAG Style No: 11689

  5. I'm with ya on that candac! :yes::flowers:
  6. oh crap...*on a ban on a ban* :push::censor::crybaby:
  7. lol your funny!! I am debating on which one i like better choices arent always good haha
  8. I like the one with the one strap myself :yes:
  9. I'm thinking about it too! Thanks for the info! I think I am going to wait to see one in IRL though.

  10. hmmmm.. it should be pink inside to
  11. Didnt you already have this and sell it ? are you changing your mind:yahoo:
  12. I think she had the regular size, not the large.
  13. Yes exactly I had the smaller sized tote not the large.. plus hey I am a woman I never know what I want and I return an buy things all the time I am only human.. I was considering the smaller size but ehh I want to try the larger one before I buy the same one again oh well. decisions decisions!!
  14. Large works. I think i like the larger one as well.

    Sorry I couldnt recall which size you had..
  15. I am trying to remember the regular size in pink wasn't too bad ... kind of roomy.. I think i sold it because there wasn't a matching wallet.. maybe I will try to get the same one I sold again! because now there is cute PINK matching accessories! :heart:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.