1. Does anyone know or has anyone seen the New LARGE SIGNATURE GALLERY TOTE in khaki (Coach - New LARGE SIGNATURE GALLERY TOTE) in the normal gallery tote size? I love it with the darker brown suede but the large is kind of large! thanks!
  2. I have the signature gallery tote in khaki, the normal size. I love it. The Coach store in Easton told me it sold out though.
  3. ok thanks, does anyone know if they have the khaki w/ the dark brown suede in the normal size?
  4. I love that bag! Maybe you can call Coach and ask or go to your local boutique.
  5. hi, jus passing by, i think the smaller version only has colours like black, dark brown and camel....but if they have it in tobacco as in the web page, it would be a nice bag to have :supacool:
  6. the smaller version was taken off the webpage and now Coach - New LARGE SIGNATURE GALLERY TOTE this larger version is up.. i really hope they make a brass/khaki/tobacco combo in the regular size, unfortunetly i only see the large size in the catalog :s !
  7. my madre has it. =)
  8. I like it.
  9. ah really? in which size?!
  10. That's a beautiful bag! I want to see this in person!
  11. i know! i'm praying they'll have it in the regular size!!

    does anyone know if the stuff in the catalog is the only stuff that will come out for spring? maybe macy's will have it in a smaller size, AHH!!!
  12. I just purchased the smaller version of the black Gallery Tote at a Coach full-price store on Saturday. I asked about the khaki one and the SA said they were gone. I supposedly got the last black one they had in the store. It wasn't on the showroom floor. I asked the SA and she went in the back for a while and came out with the one I wanted. The Macy's website only has the black one available to order. Who knows, maybe some stores still have the khaki in the display cases.
  13. Ooooh! The larger size has patent trim! I have the smaller size in black and the trim is regular leather with a metallic leather underside. I bet the patent is beautiful!!
  14. I'm pretty they sold out of the smaller sized gallery totes from fall/winter.. so i really hope they'll have this new tote in the smaller size! When does the spring line actually come out?
  15. According to the latest catalog, the new large gallery totes will be available in February.