New! Large leather duffle!

  1. OMG I am in looooove with this bag!!!! It's the first non-signature Coach bag I have liked in a long time.

    Has anybody seen this? Thoughts?


  2. In Chestnut: (sorry, can't figure out how to get the little pics in!

  3. They really aren't my style. IMHO, I really loved the old duffles a lot better, but if you really love it, get it!
  4. I'm also not feeling the duffles this year. I have one from last season with the buckles on the side, I like that style much better. But hey, if you like it, buy it. I also think the dimensions of the duffles are bigger this season, so that is an advantage.
  5. Do you think it looks "old" ??

    I've always like large bags and seems like all the Coach ones are just way too small for me. But I don't want to look like I have an old lady bag on! :lol:
  6. No, it definately doesnt look old lady! I think some people prefer the rounded edges on the bottom from duffles from previous years. I think it looks quite trendy and I like the criss-crossed laces!
  7. This doesn't look old. The leather is like the old leather and gets softer as you use it. Like Lisa said definately an up to date look no old lady there!
  8. Thanks for the replies!
    I think I'm definitely going to get it in black... :love: I haven't had a black leather shoulder bag I've been happy with in years!

    Just don't know if I should order online -- or wait a week when I will actually be near a Coach store! It's 3.5 hours away and then another 20 miles from where I'll be... if I order online, I'll have it for my big meeting I'm going to at the state capitol. :graucho:
  9. I have to say, im not a fan really!. But if its your thing then go for it!!
  10. I would order it online, the sooner the better!
  11. definitely not! this is a "young" bag's a bit of rock and roll and biker chick in the details--the braiding and the studded strap
    very fun but still professional
  12. I just ordered a Speedy 30 from elux, so am going to wait until Monday and see if they have this bag in the store! Will save me a few shipping $$ anyway.

    I'm a bit worried the drop isn't far enough and I hate bags jammed under my arm...
  13. Love that description! LOL! It must be the biker chick in me that loves it! :supacool:
  14. I'm not really feelign this bag, I think it does kind of date you. I think it would look awkward for a younger person, but I've seen older women carry this around. The shape isn't asthetically pleasing to me IMO.
  15. I like the large one, and it was comfortable when I tried it on in the store. It is a giant bag, though, the bag hangs down pretty low on me, but of course, I am short.