New Lanvin flat colors

  1. Anyone near a Lanvin store aware of what colors the ballet flat will be available in for resort and spring?
  2. has them.
  3. The ones that just came in (and went) were these colors : bronze, silver, yellow, navy, tan - and several others but I can't remember. Barneys has them in some sizes - depends on your size - mostly sold out.

    Nordstrom may have some - I only saw them their in bronze and silver. They got their order later than Barneys . . .
  4. I just checked out this site - very nice! Looks like they have a lot of sizes! I'm going to bookmark it for the future ;)

  5. I am looking for a bronze 9.5. Which Nordies in LA is carrying them? I can't find them here in Chicago in that color.
  6. I got my bronze ones from barneys beverly hills
  7. I lots of new metallic colors at Barneys BH and at Madison BH.
  8. Thanks ladies - bronze is either not in yet in Chicago or sold out. I'll give them a buzz tom.
  9. Well I passed on the bronze when they first came out since I had them in gold and a tan color with some gold sparkles. Then I saw them. Within the last two weeks when I looked for them in my size 9 they were sold out at Barneys and Madison. I would call them anyway you might get lucky.

    The Nordstrom that just had them (and I bought last week) is the newly reopened one in Woodland Hills, CA 818 884 7900

    I don't know what other Nordstrom's carry Lanvin - anyone?
  10. My feet run you think they will fit me?
  11. Oh I would love to get a pair! How do these flats run? True to size or slightly small? I'm normally a size 38.5 in everything else! Thanks in advance! =)
  12. My feet run narrow and they fit me well.
  13. I think they run pretty true to size
  14. what do you ladies think of my chances of getting a pair of these when i'm in new york next weekend?
    is there anywhere else in nyc that sells them besides barneys?

  15. Okay, Barneys here in Chicago sold out of the bronze so I bought the silver instead. The leather feels like butter - these are FABULOUS shoes. And that is a word I usually only reserve for my love - Monsieur Louboutin.