new lambskin versus classic or vintage lambskin

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  1. Hello everyone. I have read many threads stating that the new lambskin is much softer and not as structured as the old lambskin flaps. For anyone who has had one of the newer lambskin bags, has the structure changed even more with daily use? Are the classic lambskins (jumbo and medium) in black still the structured lambskin and only the seasonal colors the washed lambskin? Any feedback from lambskin owners are much appreciated. I have done searches on this but cannot seem to find how the newer lambskins have held up with use compared to the older lambskins.
  2. It's just not that the new is unstructured. There's more to it than that!! I wrote in detail about the differences back when the pre-fall '08 was released. In short, the way the diamond pattern is stitched -- and to me this change is the one that bothers me the most -- the old stitching of the diamond slowly ascends to the mid point of the diamond and then slowly descends. When the light reflects off the quilt, it's off the tiny mid point of the diamond. The new quilting isn't refined and the middle of the diamond is flatter so the reflection of light shows on a wider surface of the diamond. The result is unflattering and cheapens the look, the elegance.

    Moving on to the side quilting on the older purses, they are flat versus like the front and back of the purse; i.e, there is no sides pudging out. There's the hardware change as well from flat to thin and rounded. When you open the flap and look at it from the inside, you can see the quilting from the outside flap; the tab where the closure is, is also limp. There is less inside interfacing which would gives the purse structure, support.

    To your question more directly -- I have the e/w purple prefall-08. It was stored and not used. I've just begun carrying it and before I did so, I thought it looked a tad DULL, so I polished it and put on cream protector and it looks better. The older flaps are far superior in construction and finish. Some will debate it til the cows come home to feed but comparing them side by side the difference is undeniable.
  3. I have both. Yes, the newer lambskin (black or seasonal colors) is much softer & seems to require so much more maintenance. I'm super anal about my bags so it has held up thus far. The vintage is more structured & the leather seems like it could take a beating & still hold up. Unlike other tPers, the difference between the two is negligible IMHO. I think it boils down to a matter of preference, but I like the "look" of the vintage with the "touch" of the newer lambskins.
  4. I'm not sure what you mean by "softer." The feel of the lambskin on vintage bags is much softer. I can caress a lambskin bag for hours because the leather feels incredible. I don't have that experience with new bags -- while the bag itself is more "smooshy" like marshmallows, the lambskin is not as caressable ... which may be because Chanel is treating it differently.

    I also have both (vintage and new) but use my vintage bags more so can't speak to how well the new ones will hold up.
  5. thank you all for your responses. your feed back is greatly appreciated. i do not own a lambskin bag yet, but i have just paid and pre-ordered a maxi lambskin with gold hardware. i am now debating if i should go for the caviar maxi instead of the lambskin as i am very afraid of how it will hold up. decisions, decisions...if i was looking to use the bag daily, would lambskin not hold up for that kind of use? I have all caviar bags so this is tough for me...
  6. I've read those and helped with my decision also :biggrin:
  7. hi..what did you decide to get? i know it is suck a hard decision. I like the look of lambskins better but the caviar seem to hold up better for the kind of money we are spending for our purses =)
  8. Whichever you choose, I recommend having on hand cleaner, conditioner and most important cream protector. The latter prevents stains from penetrating the leather.

    If you plan on using the purse daily, caviar is going to be easier to maintain, but that said lambskin is my preference.
  9. thanks jmen...i finally saw the lambskin and caviar maxi's today and must say the lambskin is undeniably beautiful compared to the caviar. i like the caviar as well but it is much softer than the classic or older caviars. i could not take my eyes off the lamb and am in love with it. however, the sa kept trying to convince me about to take caviar numerous times. she said the black lambs will turn blue after a few years and after you dye it, the lambskin becomes rubbery like. she said i won't be able to use it for travel and although it is beautiful now, it won't be later on. i don't own a lambskin and she seems to know her stuff which makes me confused. i almost want both, and since she told me it will not become part of the permanent collection and will just be seasonal, it makes my choice even harder. what kind of conditioner do you use (brand wise)? which i just rub it all over the bag? sorry for the rambling...omg what the love of a purse will do to a girl =)..
  10. That's interesting what the SA said about black lamb turning blue and redying makes it rubbery. Unless Chanel has changed the lambskin, I'm not buying that statement. My 20 year old black classic is fine; still black after all these years. It's not been redyed nor used every day; however, I used to carry a Chanel bucket purse for years, day in and day out when I worked 9 to 5. It started to fade and I had it took it in for the spa treatment. I don't know if it was redyed; all I know is when it came back it looked brand spanking new. They did put new chains (gold) on it as even the plating had begun to wear thin. If it wasn't for always digging for my keys, I wouldn't have parted with it.

    As for cleaner, condition, and the cream protector, I like the luvinmybags product line. The cream protector is a must. I do put it on with my fingertips; however the products come with a buff cloth and the sponge pads that you can wash and re-use. It really is a barrier against stains and how often I apply depends on how often the bag is used. (Am fortunate to be able to rotate them.)
  11. i've seen pix of your collection and just want to tell you your collection is amazing...totally tdf.
  12. i think the sa said the black lamb turns blue after many years due to weather, the sun when being out etc. i have never had so much trouble over deciding between 2 bags. i almost feel like getting both and returning the cerf i just bought to fund 2 maxi's...i must now sound crazy..
  13. I have my heart (newly) set on a vintage tote. I would love to find it in caviar but I'm afraid of how long/if ever it will happen. I've come across a few similar style in lambskin. I hadn't really considered lambskin before because many have said it isn't durable. But, I've just read a few things where some say the vintage lambskin is different and tough. Help, is this true? Any advice? Thanks!
  14. Yup, vintage lambskin is much more durable than the current one. Go for it if you find a lambskin bag in good condition. Vintage bags in mint/great condition are typically snapped up really quickly. Plus, the gold hardware on vintage bags is diviiiiine!
  15. ^this one is silver...did they do silver with vintage too? Also, would caviar still be much more durable than the vintage lambskin? Thanks so much!