New LAMB Styles At Nordies!

  1. Here's some pics from the new LAMB collection. Sorry about quality (cell phone pics)

  2. [​IMG]
  3. New Shadow Bags!! :nuts:[​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Close up of new jacquard print. Available in Black and Green

  6. i love her mandeville satchel,i currently have the rasta and lipstick
  7. I NEED a shadow bag! :drool:
  8. Yvonne, that Shadow just makes me :drool: I want an Oxford in this print :yes:
  9. Yup - I'm a convert! I've got my eye on the Esquivel. hmm, I do have a BD coming up soon....maybe I can score a bag....or two....or three.....:graucho:
  10. ooooooooh that shadow mandeville is calling my name
  11. That Shadow Marley Hill is calling mine!
  12. I love the shadow commodore and esquivel.
  13. The Shadow Esquivel is a beauty. I think an Oxford would be great, too. Devon??
  14. omg, the devon! we need to track it down and get a pic!
  15. I think Wecos was told that the Devon has been discontinued :sad: