New LAMB Fragrance coming soon....

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    Ever thought Gwen Stefani looked like a doll? Well, now the singer has turned doll-maker ahead of her fragrance launch in September. Gwen has based the dolls on herself and her four backup singers and turned them into perfume bottles her Harajuku Lovers collection, which includes fragrances called Love, Music, Bab, Lil'Angel and G. "So much had been done already with creating these girls - dreaming up the entire world while I was working on the first solo album, living the fantasy on tour - the actual fragrance selection wasn't that hard," Gwen told WWD. "I was just so inspired that it came together really fast. It was a little bit easier than when I was creating the L.A.M.B. fragrance. This time it wasn't just about me, so there was a little more freedom." SOURCE: WWD(04/04/2008)
  2. Yay, thanks for posting! I can't wait to smell them and check out the packaging! The names Bab and Lil'Angel are kinda funny, I guess they had to do something since the names are taken.
  3. Cool! I wonder which one will smell the best?
  4. Found more info and pictures from No Doubt Web


  5. ^ Cute, but maybe too cutesy.
  6. ...okay, but how do they smell?
  7. They have descriptions on ND Web...but those never help me because words just don't translate into smell for me at all! I have a totally different idea of what they smell like when I read descriptions and then smell the actual product.
  8. SO i went and read the description...and love has bergamot my favorite smell EVER!!! I am very excited!!!
  9. I'm a perfume ho, I'm so buying all of these.
  10. ^ I'm totally going to buy them all too lol...I wish they were coming out sooner!
  11. Do you think this means that there won't be another lamb fragrance for awhile? I don't want to wait for that either!
  12. ^ I don't know if there will be another lamb fragrance at seems that Gwen already completed the whole concept that she was talking about when L first came out. Then again, with all these gimmicks Gwen's got going on with $1500 bags and all...I wouldn't doubt more fragrances coming.
  13. :happydance:
  14. ^^:lol:
  15. lmao! Right!!!