New Lady Dior bags!!!!

  1. Here are the new woven Lady Dior bags! What do you gals think of them?!


    Untitled-1 copy.jpg Untitled-3 copy.jpg Untitled-4 copy.jpg Untitled-5 copy.jpg Untitled-2 copy.jpg
  2. These are called the Lady Dior Avenue bags, by the way.

    Check out the new Spring/Summer catalogue on (UK site).
  3. Great for summer!
  4. [​IMG]

    New Woven Lady Dior hobos!
    Untitled6 copy.jpg
  5. Very pretty, so summery! Love them :smile:
  6. not to keen on the woven theme!

    Dont think i could pull it off!!
  7. why Johnny G, why??? BOOOORING :tdown:
  8. not really loving it. the smaller one is better. the others are just awkward
  9. They're pretty, but I'm not "wowed".
  10. Not so much.
  11. Johnny G :lol:
  12. not loving it too.... reminds me of bags from another brand...
  13. i dun like also
  14. the lady dior avenue woven look is pretty nifty but i don't like that patch of plain leather at the top. it's as if the supple-ness of the woven leather is being contradicted by the stiffy look top part. it looks a little to stodgy for me honestly. the hobo is nice.. but it's not making me rush out to the store for one. these new bags aren't making me feel the same kinda giddy rush i felt for the gauchos and the jeannes sadly.

    but thanks for posting these pictures averagejoe!
  15. would it start with a Bo and ends with a Ta? :graucho: