New Lace Speedy Sighting

  1. Oh! at the LV boutique today, Bal Harbour (Miami) in all their glory sat, behind glass, the new lace collection..............which launched March 15, according to the SA. She is gorgeous (the big Speedy) and so is her sister (a big shoulder tote with pleated sides and a little buckle at each side -- i don't know what this style is called but it's fairly new) ohhhhh they are amazing, $1420 for the Speedy and $1720 for the tote.

    LV logo with silver and gold lacey patterns all over the bag - also comes with silver lace alone, gold lace alone, and as seen today by moi, the combo of gold & silver
    I want my Mommyyyyy!! :sweatdrop: :heart:
  2. Nice to see another Dentelle fan here...are you going to get one?
  3. i am just not really a fan of the speedy. the wallet is growing on me though.
  4. I'm so glad you saw and loved the bag! It's gorgeous!
  5. I got the gold speedy and I'm loving it now! Still keeping my fingers crossed that my SA calls me about the Kirsten.
  6. ohh ty! i didnt know it was Dentelle, since i am a Chanel girl...i would totally get the speedy if there was a shoulder strap that fit on the h/w...i am a shoulder bag girl. I adore the tote but have too many totes, and would love a Speedy (just have Ellipse, Babylon, and waiting for my Conte de Fees).....its a hard bag to resist, trendy yet very classic at the same time

    and yes, Bal harbour shoppes are stunning...its an addicting place to be in the throes of LOL
  7. The shoulder bag is the Batignolles. I saw it in the boutique last week and thought it was interesting. I have the regular Batignolles Horizontal and I think the new version looks kinda cool with the darkened shoulder straps and stuff. Almost kinda vintage looking.
  8. I have yet to see them IRL. But I love it already!!
  9. I really want to see one in person :smile: