NEW L.A.M.B. bags at Nordy's *PICS* !!!

  1. Hot off the presses!!! Three new L.A.M.B. bag styles in many Nordstrom's stores as of this week, my SA knows how much I :heart: L.A.M.B. and forwarded me pics from her cell!! (Sorry they are so terrible, you know some cell cams & she said it was in the stock room with terrible lighting)

    Nordstroms ROCKS!!! :yes:

    She said people have already been ringing off the hook and two stores I called were already OUT!

    *The 2nd picture is actually a nice crimson color & white, I know it looks a little off & the 3rd pic I guess got cut off when she took it. sorry.
    LAMBNew02.jpg LAMBNew01.jpg LAMBNew03.jpg
  2. I saw these today, the second one is actually crimson and khaki, not white. Lovely!

    I loved the striped ones though. There was also that fold over clutch in that style.
  3. Love the white/black stripe!
  4. I really love the black and white striped one ... do you know how much that one was?
  5. the second one is cute!
  6. Love the white/black stripe!:yahoo:
  7. i like-y the 3rd hobo-ish one..
  8. I really like the striped one.
  9. I didn't get any prices, but I will report back 'cause I am going to Nordstroms today!

  10. REALLY?? The SA told me it was red & white!!! Hmm, I can't wait to see them in person!
  11. black 'n' white, prrrrrrrretttyyyy
  12. Just got home from Nordy's!! The B&W one is SO much nicer in person that in any pics I've seen. Oh my gosh, and the LARGE version of that red & beige leather satchel is BEAUTIFUL!!

    SO, guess what? I got the super large B&W tote. Oh my gsoh, it's amazing!! I'll take pics later!
  13. all the bags are gorgeous. i've seen/ heard of the 1st 2 coming out, but not the third one. i wonder if this means the ones from last season will go on sale.
  14. btw, can i show this post to a l.a.m.b community i'm in?

  15. PRICES??? :confused1: What range are they in? TIA!