New Kritin Hobo

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  1. Does, anyone know what color the lining is in the Large Kristin Hobo?
  2. What color are you asking about? Right now there is a chalk, Black and yellow and there are other colors that will come avail.
  3. Sorry, how stupid of me. I meant to ask about the lining on the Black.
  4. I have seen all 3 colors yellow and chalk on here as reveals and my Sa order the large black and showed me hers when I was in my coach store the ohter day and I ordered the large yellow the lining on the black was robin egg blue!
  5. Wow! Thank you for the information. I would really like to order that black, but was hesitant because I am sick of the "lavendar and purple linings"!. Now blue should be very nice. I may take the plunge!:tup:
  6. My turquoise Kristin hobo has a tan interior.