New Koobas????

  1. Does anyone know when the next Kooba collection will be out? Don't know about you guys but I would love to see some new bags.
  2. There is still 2 more sets of Fall Bags coming out in the next month or two and then no more till Spring.
    We are all hoping to see some better Koobas.
  3. Thanks Lexie for that info. I sure hope they come out with some more compelling designs. I did see the Layla in the last day or so and it was OK.
  4. Thanks for the info. I also hope the new bags will be more interesting!
  5. Oooo! Can't wait--Thanks for the info Lexie!
  6. Oh yes, we are all on the edge of our seats... er... couches. ;)
  7. Sure hope the next batch are better than the Fall ones. I've bought a couple but so far, have ended up reselling them all.
  8. I must be feeling cynical. I hope that wasn't their swan song a few seasons back...and they're just clinging to....the Kooba name?
    Let's hope to see some bags that make our hearts go pitter patter again.
    None of them are doing it for me....:sad:
  9. Me either, except for the Elisha in pewter and red.. They look even better in person...