New koobas on JC Madison for pre-order

  1. I am really liking that Nelli. I hope it comes in other colors.
  2. I'm liking both the Talia and the Nellie. Woohoo - there is hope!
  3. Whoa Nellie!! love it!! Finally!!!
  4. I'm so glad you found these pics! I put a post up earlier about the new Spring line and didn't know how I was going to describe these gorgeous babies!

    Here are the colors that they'll be available in:

    Talia: Black, White, Pink and Grass
    Nelli: Brown, Blue and Yellow
    Devin, Elisha and Bonnie: Blonde, Brown, Blue, Red, Yellow and Black

    Look out for the Mattie, Jacinda, Isabella and Jaylin...I can't find any pics online, but they are beautiful in the catalog!

    Can't wait!!! :yahoo:
  5. Yay! New colors and old favs for the Elisha! I'll finally be able to get that red one I've been coveting FOREVER!! Hell, I'd pay retail for it at this point! Nevermind that used one just listed on eBay!! Woohoo!

    Can't wait to see the other styles! :yahoo:
  6. Sigh... am I the only one thinking of abandoning Kooba?
  7. The Nellie in Blue is the only bag I am getting right off. I will wait for a concensus of the others before I buy more. I waffled between the Nellie and Talia but chose the Nelli. I bet the Elisha in Blue will be nice. I thought the Brown looked kinda Blah. But my Red one is fine for me.
  8. Ah, it's good to see Kooba coming up with some winners again!
  9. looks promising! can't wait to see the rest of em..............
  10. Hang on, Mini! There may be hope - with all of the names kateykix listed there's GOT to be something in there that appeals to you! :flowers:
  11. I'm on the pre-order list for a brown Elisha. I'm not the biggest fan of Koobas, but my black Elisha is just the greatest bag for everyday use and I've really been hoping they'd come out with one in brown. I like it because it holds a fair amount of stuff, is really comfy on the arm and is age-appropriate for an oldster like me (49) while still looking hip. If this came out in cream leather, I'd buy a third one!
  12. SOOO excited about these! YEAH!
  13. Well finally, some Koobas I really like.

  14. ITA...I am the biggest Elisha fan EVAAA... but I don't think the brown or blue that I have seen does that bag justice...
    Red and Blonde Elishas are still the best:woohoo::woohoo: