New Koobas on BG and Spring 2007 Line

  1. BG has some new styles and colors of Koobas. I was not thrilled with the Patent leather bags I saw a few months ago. And the Camel/Sand/ and Java colors don't thrill me.

    And also here are some pics of the New 2007 Spring Line. I LOVE some of these bags and will definately have to get a couple.



    I Love the Meredith, Nina and Charlie

    And here is the BG link...
    Kooba Handbags -
  2. Thanks Lexie, for some reason I'm quite hooked on some of the Koobas, although they are a bit more trendy than I usually would choose. I know you've got heaps of them, so which of the new ones are your favourite? Great to see these photos, didn't see these bags on the official Kooba site...:smile:
  3. And I really like the Meredith:yahoo:
  4. I Like the Meredith, Nina, and Charlie. The person who I always got my Koobas from (she orders directly from Kooba) gave me the Fall and Spring previews so I could put my orders in with her early. Sadly she is discontinuing with carrying Kooba. She says she has too many problems selling them on Ebay for what they are worth because of the fakes. She had a switcheroo done on her too by some evil bidder who returned to her a fake bag in place of her authentic one.
    So now I have to rely on seeing the bags when they come online. I saw the Fall colors and new bags shown on BG now about 6 months ago and these new bags shown in the pics won't be out until May.
  5. I like the Meredith, Nicole, and Charlie! Really want to see them when they are in!

    One quick question: I read in other threads that Kooba light color leather tends to age rapidly and is easy to stain...does toffee clor belong to this category? Thanks!
  6. i LOVE the avery! but i can't find it in BG's site
  7. Your not going to find it in the BG site. These pics are 2007 Spring bags and they won't be out until May. The BG site just has some new Late Fall styles and colors in.

    I have never bought a light colored Kooba because of all of this I hear about staining, plus, I just don't tend towards light colors in bags. I had a Toffee Nisha and it never gave me a problem. I've never had any problems so far with my Koobas as far as color or wearing.

    From what I was told, these new bags will come in the variety of colors shown so I was told I could get a Charlie bag in brown even though it only shows in white on the preview.
  8. I love the Nina and Charlie! Other then the colorfading on the light colored bags, are there any other problems associated with Kooba?
  9. I love the Meredith, Nina, and the Avery. The Avery looks similar to my Ada, but without the studs. I'll definitely get one when they come out.:yes:
  10. wow! i can't wait to see the bigger pictures :P
    thanks for the info

  11. Only that they are quite heavy on their own, so once filled with stuff, they're definitely heavy. Great bags though!
  12. Yep, Most Koobas are heavy suckers...but not as heavy as IF bags. Except for the Kooba Ada that was just horrendously heavy. That is why I am getting a Jillian. Same bag, smaller size.
  13. wow, i like the meredith and nina as well.. i like kooba.. got a few of them...