New Kooba Sightings

  1. finally has shown some of their bags (Bonnie's.....So cute) and Elisha's and Devins. They show them in the colors we have seen so far.

    eBay has a few offerings for a Charlie and Nicole. I am not loving this sellers pics. The bags look distorted and so big. The Charlie has some wierd buckle top. I can't imagine having to unbuckle it to open it but of course the pics don't show it clearly. And the Nicole.....In Ivory. It looks huge. I just don't know what to think. And I thought it would have a longer shoulder strap.

    Also a Botkier Sasha Satchel show son eBay if anyone wants to see a pic of it.

    I am not promoting these sellers as I don't know them, just showing the pics.

    Kooba Official Store - Kooba Handbags - Official Website - Shop now for Holiday 2006
    eBay: KOOBA IVORY NICOLE PLEATED HANDBAG,NWT,AUTHENTIC! (item 260095114565 end time Mar-13-07 20:44:59 PDT)
    eBay: AUTH LUGGAGE KOOBA CHARLIE PLEATED SATCHEL,HANDBAG,NWT (item 260095126212 end time Mar-15-07 21:43:40 PDT)

    eBay: AUTHENTIC BLACK BOTKIER SASHA SATCHEL,BNWT (item 260095108268 end time Mar-15-07 20:18:52 PDT)
  2. Thanks so much for posting the links to the new Koobas. Neither of these seem to appeal to me as much as the Devin and the Elisha. Both of those I simply adore!
  3. I'm counting down the days to the second quarter '07 when I can purchase that gorgeous red Elisha! :drool:
  4. Thanks for the update..

    Still no dimentions for the Bonnie... they are killing me!!! I just emailed them asking for dimentions.. I'll let you guys know if I find out anything. :smile:
  5. Awesome! I am loving these new bags. :drool:
  6. Wouldn't it make our shopping and deciding so much easier if we had accurate pics with accurate colors, like 5 different views, a complete description and the novel idea of including it's dimensions!!! GGGrrrr!
    Active Endeavors does the best job I think but they don't have every style. You think this would be Koobas Online site webmasters main goal...TO SELL SELL SELL those bags with words and pictures.
  7. Hi all.. I received a response from Kooba with the dimentions of the Bonnie bag. the bag isn't really that small for the price. I'm digging it. :smile:

    The dimensions of the Bonnie bag is 10"L x 5"D x 8"H.
  8. Wow, that is very decent for the price ... but I am digging the Devin a bit more I think ... thanks for the info.
  9. Take a look at the Audrey clutch. It's so pretty! Lovely zipper detailing. I just realized I don't have a clutch. Hmmm..... ;)
  10. Kooba needs me as a rep, I would make SURE this forum gets the low down and pronto! In fact, anyone posting to the new Kooba forum (thinking positive thoughts here) would get a BUY NOW discount. *s
  11. You're killing me! I'm on a purse ban! But I love looking nevetheless, hehe, but I'm such a sucker sometimes. I don't have much will power. I still love the Elisha and Nicole, and I think the Bonnie is so adorable. Good for nights out I think. I know night bags are usually smaller, but I still need something somewhat of a good size. I just can't decide what I should *not* bring. Lexie, let us know if the Bonnie shows up on a reputable eBay seller's auction!
  12. Thanks! That's the first pic I've seen of the Nicole in ivory. I think I like that color better than the one on eLUX.
  13. I am in love with the Nicole. :love: She looks so gorgeous in ivory. It would be so nice to see her in all of the available colors. What's going on?!?! I need something to distract me until my Avery arrives! I still think it's weird that I may receive my new bag before it's even posted on the Kooba site.:shrugs:

    Thanks for posting the links, Lexie. I have been a bit obsessed with finding the Nicole. The bag looks good, but I am not familiar with the seller. I still want to see what other colors she will come in. I agree about the Charlie. Looks a bit bulky, maybe? I guess I can forget about seeing these bags IRL anytime soon! Kooba, are you listening? Help us out here!
  14. I think I love that Luggage Nicole the more I look at it. Can't wait till the seller contacts me. That Ivory looks good but the seller only has 10 feedback. A No Go for me.
    Bonnie is 10 x 8! Hmmmm, not bad.
  15. They have the Parker and Natasha on the website in regular leather. So far the have the Parker in ink (MUST HAVE!) and the Natasha in black and white.