New Kooba Convertible

  1. I found this, what do you guys think?

    Better than the Nataha leather and Natasha Patents? I just got the Natasha patent caramel in the mail yesterday but after seeing this, i think i like this one better. Thoroughly confused.

    Its called Angie Convertible Tote
    kooba1009817405_347x683b.jpg kooba1009817405_201x396.jpg
  2. Oh, I like that, where did you get it? And what's with the name?, can you turn it into a different style..LOL
  3. Ooh, la la!

    Now that is cute!
  4. Belini, I'll have to agree with you here. I think I like the python better than the patents. Now you're in a pickle, aren't you?
  5. I'm the opposite. I adore the patents and would definitely keep Natasha. I can only imagine how gorgeous the carmel patent is! I like the Angie tote but can't tolerate the python. 'shudder'
  6. I really like the python bags, too! I saw them IRL at Nordstrom, and thought they were yummy! I think they're great neutral bags. Good luck with your decision.
  7. thats why im hesitating with the patent, its such a large expanse of shine that im worried it wont be neutral. I got it yesterday and i couldnt wear it today as it didnt go with my suit. I guess im lazy - i hate changing handbags all the time.

    Having said that - the caramel patent is gorgeous when its folded into the smaller tote.

    Having said that again - im a huge fan of python and have python shoes.

    Hmmmm what to do!?"
  8. here is another photo from NM
  9. I like some of the phyton colors (rose, brown) but not this one, but then again I haven't seen it IRL
  10. I love the Python Angie Bag. But I would think it isn't as versatile as the plain leather ones. And once again the size stops me. You know that bag seconds as a sleeping bag for that model. She just opens that bag, climbs in and curls up until the next time they need to take pics! LOLOL
  11. Well if you decide to sell Natasha, let me know what you want for it. I love that bag!
  12. is it real snake? if it is i'd never ever use it... i :love: ball pythons!
  13. WOW! I love the colour and look of that tote...but like some others have said, the size would stop me buying it. Its a lil' on the large side.