New Kooba Bag...OMG-the price!!!

  1. [​IMG]I cannot believe that they are selling this bag for this much $$$. Koobas are nice-I have three, but $1000? :wtf: ($975 before tax)

    Kooba 'Carrie Disco' Metallic Tote

    Magnetic snap closure. Double straps with chain detail.
    Metallic mirror leather with laser cut pattern

    Any thoughts on this? :rolleyes:
  2. ugh not liking the bag and for that price, i'd rather get a used chanel bag LOL
  3. While I'm a Kooba lover, I don't like that bag and don't like that price!!

    Metallic mirror
  4. ^ I agree! It's not anything special that would warrant that price!
  5. And to think the bags used to be made in China and had a SRP of $250 or so. Now they're made in China, and the prices have more than doubled. Gee, thanks Kooba!

    *dripping in sarcasm*
  6. Wow! is all I can say.
  7. That's a shame - as much as I love my Koobas, I would never pay that kind of a price for any Kooba (or frankly any bag...I just don't spend that kind of money on a piece of leather).
    I think that they're thinking they can command this kind of price but I don't know why....I was Nordie's a few weeks back and was oogling the really high-priced stuff - like Chanel, some Marni, Gucci - and on the 'other side' of the section was Kooba. I laughed - and said "is that the slums?" and the SA said "oh yeah" (dead serious)...:s
    Kooba is a wonderful bag...but not for $1000. Sorry.....
  8. Love my Koobas, but no thank you!
  9. I LOVE my Kooba Lucy (got her off eBay a year ago)--great shape, a real 'workhorse' of a bag. I can put a water bottle in a side pocket, she doesn't hate the rain and always looks great--not like this bag ($1000, sheesh, ita with the used Chanel statement).
  10. It also comes in the most insane silver color :wtf:

  11. I was just going to mention that Silver! They won't be able to give those bags away. Wouldn't it be funny to walk into your local TJ MAXX and see the Disco Kooba! :nuts:
  12. ITA, i'd get a new LV vernis bag instead! that price is insane
  13. Do you think this means that all new Kooba's will increase in price? I hate it when a brand gets popular and all of a sudden the prices skyrocket!
  14. I hope Kooba is testing the price waters with that one. And that they are not pleased with the result.

    Meanwhile, I bet we see the crazy silver on some celeb soon (though I admit I would carry it if someone bought it for me!).
  15. im sory- but Kooba needs to stick with the midrange prices!! I love my 3 koobas, but to be honest- the direction the company is going in is not too good.....