New Kooba at Nordstrom?

  1. Sorry for not sugar-coating, but... ewww. It's not for me. :tdown:
  2. ^^^ I agree. I don't like that at all. I do like the purple color though!
  3.'s kinda cute! If I were backpacking through Europe, I'd buy it. :yes:
  4. If you had a need for a back pack then maybe ..... but as a purse ...nah:tdown:
  5. backpack??? No adult should be wearing a backpack unless he or she is hiking in the wilderness. leave the backpacks for elementary kids. Sorry.
  6. Actually my best friend wears a backpack. She's a gorgeous girl who has model features and a model body and wears a scruffy old brown leather backpack. I show her all my bags and beg her to get somethng cool but she just adopted 2 bablies from China and with 2 kids, she says she needs 2 hands...or more. I have pictures of her in China seeing all the sites with that ugly backpack on her.
  7. That is EXACTLY what I was going to write! Not a fan of the style, but LOVE the purple for Spring!!
  8. Lots of people have needs for backpacks and there's simply no reason they shouldn't have a quality one to use. After all, Prada's biggest success was their debut backpack.

    If one needs a backpack, I'm very happy that there are quality choices available.
  9. What Grace said!
  10. I'm not impressed...that's a definite no for this gal.
  11. I personally don't need a backpack, but I am glad that Kooba is offering one for people who do. My daughter would like it.