New knight sudded bags aka winter storms

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  1. I like the other style from 2 years ago better, that had several different studs, made it more feminine?

  2. I agree. It had a few more details (lock/key) and the studs were better looking.
  3. I love the hobo one! But have to see it in real life to be sure.
  4. You meant the warrior collection? that was my FAV!!!
  5. Ohh I love this collection very cool!
  6. I love this collection...lets home they aren't as heavy as the warrior bags!
  7. i woudnt think there too much lighter. they are a big bag befor the studs
  8. love this bag, classic studded! glad its back.
  9. Thanks for posting! I'm looking forward to seeing these IRL! :yes:
  10. I saw the bags in the windows at the bev hills store the knight bag handels apear to be stiff and short . It also has engravings on metal parts of the handels . The bag is much more structured stiff. No lock and the studs on this version are sharp looking and round may be an issue. Its well stocked so it may not sale out as fast .You can go see it and hold it . This time around! I love the original it slouchy and can sling under the arm!
  11. LOVE all the studs!