New Knight bags?

  1. Has anyone seen the newer bags in the Knight line? They are red or black with little "crystals" (I'm not sure what they're made of--they're like the silver things on the Knight bag, only they match the actual bag in color). Such a beautiful bag--I was going to go check it out again today, but I am unfortunately trapped in the house while I fry out fromn the flood.

    Does anyone know the name of the bags? I'd post a pic but I can't find one at Burberry online.
  2. ooo do post a picture, that sounds it like the knight stud bag? but with studs that match the color of the bag?
  3. Yes, though the shapes are a bit different--the ones I saw were a hobo-ish shape but not as slouchy--not as big as the big Knight bags that have been seen on Cameron Diaz or Nicky Hilton.

    I'll try to find pics--I haven't seen them online anywhere.