New KL LV Concept Store Grand Opening 2day

  1. Hi All,

    The brand new LV concept store at Starhill Gallery in Kuala Lumpur, M'sia opens today. Popular M'sian songstress Siti Nurhaliza will be there :smile:
  2. my mom told me about that :nuts:! i wish i were back in KL right now :crybaby:. do you live in KL?
  3. Yep, I'm from KL but I won't be free to check it out at the moment but I'm planning to drop by soon to buy an inclusion bracelet.
  4. an article found in Star:

    A shrine to style

    As luxury labels compete amongst themselves to vie for customers’ attention, French brand Louis Vuitton sets the mark for prestige, reports DAZMAN MANAN.
    As luxury labels compete amongst themselves to vie for customers’ attention, French brand Louis Vuitton sets the mark for prestige, reports DAZMAN MANAN.I N THE last few years, luxury labels have sized up, with boutiques getting bigger, bolder and brighter.
    The branded boys have built storied, standalone buildings, especially in Paris, New York and Tokyo, that are architectural statements of their cutting-edge designer goods.
    The more expensive the brand, the more attention it wants to get in terms of store design, interior decor and display.
    [​IMG] In Landmark Central, Hong Kong, the buzz of the city into the Louis Vuitton boutique is filtered through a series of ingenious ‘vertical blinds’ behind a glass wall.
    The gleaming glass facade of a top brand makes the building appear wrapped in a block of ice. Yet another high-end skyscraper toys with technology; its 10-storey facade works as a giant TV screen to show the latest offerings on the Paris runway!
    Such showy structures, although quite intimidating to some, make you want to step into it. If not to shop, at least to get touchy-feely with luxury. At Louis Vuitton, not only is the architecture impressive but a special personalised touch is often given to its Maison, located in several major cities in the world.
    Most recently, the French brand opened the Louis Vuitton Maison in Taipei, the fifth of its kind after Paris, New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Much more than a luxury emporium, it is also shrine to arts and style, with the inclusion of a cultural dimension through works of art and a bookstore.
    Having a bookstore is a natural choice because there is a strong reading culture in Taiwan – some bookstores are open 24 hours every day of the year!
    “Each of our stores has its own personality and soul. This is very important to bring the brand to a new dimension,” said Guillaume Thery, CEO of Louis Vuitton Taiwan.
    [​IMG] The main feature of the LV store in Hong Kong is a glass staircase with built-in LED panels on the flat surfaces of each step.
    Tagged between US$10 (RM36) and US$130 (RM468) each, the 600 book titles in English, Japanese, French and Chinese personify the cultural heart of the Maison. The reading materials range from Louis Vuitton editions to books on art, voyage, lifestyle and fashion.
    Striking floral artwork by celebrated Taiwanese artist Michael Lin are displayed at various strategic points, such as the VIP room and the VIP Lounge for added substance and style.
    You can also buy books at the Louis Vuitton Maison in Champs-Elysees, Paris, where such a section was first conceptualised. Apart from browsing in the “luxury library”, check out the awe-inspiring architecture.
    In recent years, Louis Vuitton has emerged as a pioneer of outstanding retail architecture. Far from proving a constraint, the need for larger stores, and in many cases new locations – necessitated by the brand’s success and expanding product range – has kept the company’s innovative streak running high.
    In 1997, it formed an in-house architecture department which now employs about 30 full-time staff. Two years later it launched a contest for the design of its new global store in Nagoya, Japan.
    The competition was won by local architect Jun Aoki, a relative unknown who quickly rose to prominence with a series of landmark designs for the label, including the much-admired Omotesan-do building in Tokyo, an aesthetic tour de force conceived as a stack of glass trunks, and the magnificent facade of the flagship on New York’s Fifth Avenue.
    With Nagoya, the brand set a precedent for making architecture a vehicle of luxury brand image. For the first time, leading architects started to view retail as a legitimate domain for expression.
    “Whereas other luxury goods companies have turned to established, big-name architects, Louis Vuitton has consistently avoided the star system, preferring instead to promote new talent,” said David McNully, director of the Louis Vuitton architecture department.
    Drawing on specialist talents, it has developed a strong signature style for the network of stores that also allows each shop to preserve its own originality.
    The New York boutique, for instance, is adorned with the square damier pattern, the first motif used by Vuitton in 1854.
    On the first floor of the four-storey store, 30 antique trunks are suspended above the selling floor, adding a new twist to the company’s traditional trunk display.
    In Landmark Central, Hong Kong, Aoki conceived the facade to filter the buzz of the city into the boutique through a series of ingenious “vertical blinds” (louvres) behind a glass wall.
    Inside, American architect Peter Marino transformed the inner space into three distinctive levels. The main feature is a glass staircase, featuring built-in LED panels on the flat surfaces of each step, allowing clients a visual journey.
    In the prime Roppongi Hills quarter in Tokyo, the high-concept interior design brings a whole new meaning to the ritual of buying. The store has three unusual sales spaces inspired by the neighbourhood’s vibrant night buzz. In the Bag Bar, for example, the bags are displayed vertically, as if they were bottles! Customers sit on bar stools to consider their choice. Here’s a toast to Louis Vuitton.
    [​IMG] The elevator of the LV store in Taipei.
    KUALA Lumpur’s shopping street, Jalan Bukit Bintang, will see a new fashion statement today as luxury French brand Louis Vuitton unveils its street-front boutique in the upmarket shopping centre, Starhill Gallery.
    Conceptualised by the Louis Vuitton architecture department, the store, at approximately 552sqm will set a new standard in luxury retailing in Malaysia with a dramatic, eye-catching facade.
    Louis Vuitton’s history in Malaysia dates back to 1985 when the French Malletier first opened its doors at the Hilton Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. In 2001, the house expanded with the opening of the (existing) store in Starhill Gallery, the first “global” store in the city. In keeping with its unique shopping experience, word has it that the label will introduce a limited-edition wau (kite) charm in conjunction with the store opening. Now, that’s what you call getting off to a flying start.

    yeuxhonnetes, You might be interested in the " LE wau (kite) charm" from the KL opening!
  5. Awwwww.. wish I'm there for a weekend break (which I could really use one now.. heheheheh):girlsigh:
  6. Hi Puteri,

    Would you happen to have a picture of the kite charm?

    Want to see if it's worth my while to go up to KL! :smile:
  7. Sorry leeleen,
    I have no idea what it looks like! I am sure dustyrose will find a picture when she goes to the store soon. I am way over here in California!
  8. The HK LV in Central is just so groovy :jammin:
  9. Wow, I wish I can see the pix of the "wau" charm... Any idea how much is it? :P Is the grand opening meant for public or you'll need special invites..? :shame:
  10. i'd like to see what it looks like :nuts:! my mom wanted to go, but she's so busy working that she never has time for this :crybaby:
  11. oh wow!!! this is so nice! now why didn't they do this when i was there 2 months ago? i would love to see the wau charm too...
  12. just found this from! the magic speedy watch sounds wonderful! :nuts:

    LV gets bigger

    CALLING all Louis Vuitton fans – Sept 7 is a date you’ll want to mark on your calendar. That’s the day the hoardings will come down to reveal a brand new swanky LV flagship store in the Starhill Gallery along Jalan Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur.
    This opening has certainly been highly anticipated. For many months now, customers on their way to the old LV store inside the mall have passed by the hoardings and eagerly awaited the glorious, new manifestation of the brand. Other shoppers, too, have been curious to see the superstore in the making, as it is the only one there that boasts a conspicuous street-level entrance. Also, its opening will be the icing on the cake for the recent upscale refurbishment of the Starhill Gallery.
    [​IMG] Kuala Lumpur will now have its very own version of a street level Louis Vuitton flagship store just like this one on the Champs-Elysee in Paris.
    What many won’t know is that this opening will also mark the 21st anniversary of the label’s presence in Malaysia. The first Louis Vuitton store opened way back in 1985 in the KL Hilton (now Crowne Plaza). Therefore, this latest reincarnation is literally a coming of age-cum-coming out party for Louis Vuitton Malaysia.
    It will be the latest Louis Vuitton flagship store in South-East Asia and will feature the latest decor, along the lines of the label’s famous store in The Landmark in Hong Kong. The new 557sq m (6,000sq foot) split-level store will be one-third bigger than the existing 371sq m (4,000sq foot) store – and this only means plenty more LV goodies to feast your eyes on.
    Since it enjoys road frontage, you can expect to see the humongous external wall posters that sit outside LV stores in Paris, Tokyo and New York. You can also expect plenty of ritz on the inside since its concept has been designed by none other than famed architect Peter Marino. The visual identity he created in 1998 for the Champs Elysees flagship store in Paris, which reopened after renovation in 2005, has been so popular that LV has used the same blueprint for many of its newest flagship outlets around the world.
    The new KL store will juxtapose precious antique Vuitton trunks with contemporary offerings in a reminder of the company’s rich heritage. For the opening, the new boutique will display nine iconic bags whose names have become part and parcel of the jetsetter’s vocabulary – the Steamer, Keepall, Alma, Speedy, Noe, Papillon, Lockit, Wardrobe and Bucket. Kuala Lumpur’s new store will also see the launch of the new Speedy watch for ladies. Called Magic Speedy, it has a charming surprise a la Faberge. In the daytime, the mother-of-pearl accentuates the dial. At night, as if by magic, the four-petal LV Monogram Flower blooms by glowing in the centre of the dial! This special edition can flourish on your wrist at an affordable RM14,000 and is bound to be a collector’s item when production ends in October. – By KEE HUA CHEE
  13. That pic does show a pretty big store.
  14. IMHO, the Magic Speedy priced @ RM14,000 is not affordable
  15. I was told about this when I was in KL to attend Siti's wedding. I can't wait to visit this new LV store!