New kitty

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  1. So, a few people might remember that I had a lovely blind boy called Clay. Sadly he developed a tumour inside his heart and I had to have him pts in August. I miss him terribly, but decided he would want me to help another disabled puss, and I have just adopted a ginger boy who was found a few months ago with all of his paws badly injured. Sadly one of the front ones could not be saved. The rest are now healed up (although a couple are quite misshapen) and he gets around surprisingly well on his three remaining legs. He is quite nervous (not surprisingly) but once he gets over this is a very friendly, playful cat. I have named him Hops.

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  2. He is adorable!!! I have a 3 legged orange boy and he gets around just fine. Congrats!!! And good for you for adopting a boy that's "less than perfect". They are my favorite ones. More pics of Hops please!
  3. Sez, you have the biggest heart. Congrats on your lovely new baby cat!:heart::flowers:
  4. Oh he is precious. What a love you are for giving him a safe home. :hugs:
  5. He's adorable. I hope you share more pics of him!
  6. So sorry to hear about Clay!

    You have a great heart...Hops is very handsome!
  7. that's very kind of you...the cat is so lucky to have you.
  8. Very cute kitty! Glad to see he has a great new home :smile:
  9. Awww, so sorry about Clay.

    Poor Hops, but he has a good home now.
  10. Sez, he looks just like my kitty Arthur! I love ginger kitties!

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  11. You are a wonderful person! Im sad to hear about your Clay - Hops is a very lucky kitty and he will adapt just fine to 3 legs. Youve given him a second chance and that is heart warming :tup: ...
  12. Aw, I'm sorry to hear about Clay :hugs:

    Hops is a very pretty and lucky boy :heart:
  13. Hops is adorable! I love ginger kitties, every one of them that I have known has had the sweetest disposition. Bless you for taking on a special needs boy - I know he will bring you a lot of joy.
  14. What a handsome boy! :heart:
  15. Thanks everyone! Hops is currently sitting on my bed having a good wash post-breakfast and purring his head off. I have never heard a cat purr so loud, it is like being in bed with a motorbike! A couple of nights this week I have had to wear ear plugs!

    He is great fun to have around, animals adapt so well to disability. My only sadness is that I think he had a good home before whatever it was happened to him - a few times he has climbed up on my desk in the night, and a firm 'no' is enough for him to obediently get down again, so he has obviously been trained. It makes me wonder whether somewhere out there is a family wondering what happened to their gorgeous big boy.