New kitty !!

  1. After 1 visit to the breeder, much deliberation over boys vs girls and one visit to our local animal rescue, I saw this beauty on petfinder's this morning at another shelter near us and drove over like a bandit to see her this afternoon. Someone left her on their doorstep a week ago in a carrier with a bowl of her food. She was looking SO depressed in the cage, when we got her out she wrapped her paws around my husband's neck and would not let go.
    She is absolutely gorgeous and the second we got home and opened the carrier, walked out, meowed and then jumped up to head butt my husband's hand. She's followed us all over the house since, jumped into my lap -- gosh, I wish I'd gotten a friendlier cat !! (j/k) She was obviously someone's much loved pet.
    We're going to take her to our vet tomorrow just to have her checked out but she's looks really healthy (and so darn young after having an older cat for so many years).
    No name yet. I know it'll find her soon enough :smile:
  2. Awww....what a sweetie! She's absolutely precious. I know she found the best mommy and daddy, ever! :yes:
  3. She's just beautiful, congrats on your new kitty, and I commend you for picking out a cat from a shelter! You not only got a new, sweet kitty, but you also saved a life.
  4. Awe what a savior you are. Congrats on your new baby.
  5. Congrats! She's a beauty. How old is she if you don't mind me asking? It's great that you adopted an older cat rather than a kitten..I did the same thing I adopted a 2 year old orange tabby.
  6. Beautiful girl and it's great she's not timid or shy! I'm so glad you saved her from the shelter and she will give you many years of love and affection in return.
  7. She's adorable! Congrats!
  8. This is the happiest story ever! Thank you for giving her a home! Sounds like your household is now perfect!
  9. Aww, congrats! I also feel so happy to know that you got her at a shelter. There are so many sweet animals out there without homes that I don't know why anyone would want to pay a breeder for one... I also got my 2 year old kitty from a shelter. (SF SPCA)

    Health and love to you and your new baby. :smile:
  10. Wonderful!! Congrats on your new baby and thanks for rescuing her!
  11. She's so cute! She looks like my newest cat, Seven.

    I love All three of our cats have found us through that website!
  12. She's so pretty! Good for you for giving a shelter cat a home :tup:
  13. So pretty! What is her name???
    Glad you have a new kitty in your home, hope she keeps you and your family company for many years to come!
  14. She's beautiful - sounds like you found a great cat and she found a great home! Good for everyone.:tup:
  15. so cute.