New kitchen = new cookware!

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  1. Hi ladies and gents,

    I just renovated my kitchen and want to buy all new pots and pans (the renovation took a long time, and I donated most of my old stuff.)

    Any suggestions for cookware? Martha Stewart for Kohls, Target brands, Bloomingdales. I'm game for any suggestions :smile:

    I never really cooked in my old kitchen and already have four cookbooks waiting to be tested out :graucho:
  2. I swear by my Le Creuset pots (I have a tiny one and a larger one, perfect for braising) that I received as a wedding gift and as a birthday gift, respectively. I also purchased a Cuisanart[/I ]pot set from Rue la la that I love because I can place them from the stove top to the oven.
  3. I love Le Creuset, WMF and Fissler. I'm not sure how readily available WMF is in the states. Years ago it was somewhat hard to find.
  4. Oh that's great you have completed with renovation, i am still engaged in it. I am planning to install cherry kitchen cabinets, have you heard about it, suggestion would be appreciated.
  5. My fiancé actually bought me a Farberware stainless steel set, and I am going to get a few pieces to fill in the missing tools. He said not to go too crazy, as I am selling my place and shouldn't spend an insane amount of money on new cookware. I think it's a great set, with only the pans with teflon coating. It all feels substantial and was around $129 (down from $179,) on sale for a set of 15

    He's probably right, but, when I see gorgeous pots and pans, I daydream that I'm Ina Garten and want to cook beautiful food in gorgeous pots and pans :P

    I'll check out the Le Creuset - I still need pans for Lasagna and baking cupcakes :smile:

    Adding the Cherry Le Creuset enamel set to my post-wedding wish list. How beautiful!
  6. We have a mix in our kitchen - mostly Le Creuset, some All-Clad, and some Mauviel & Ruffoni copper.

    Le Creuset is extremely durable, and wears like iron (because it is!) It is a little bit of an investment, but will last a lifetime easily.
  7. Thats so exciting about your kitchen re-do, now its the fun part shopping for cookware!
    I have the Simply Calphalon non-stick pans and I love these so much they work great! For baking cakes/cupcakes I use Williams- Sonoma baking pans and sheets they are pretty awesome! For baking dishes (casseroles, lasagna, ect.) I have a set from Giada De Laurentiis for Target and those are quite durable and really good quality.
    Those are just a few suggestions hope this helps you on making some decisions! :smile:
  8. Thanks! I picked up a few, great recipes from Skinnytaste and their spinach lasagna is so wonderful, he actually claims to prefer it to his mother's - so, a great pan for that is at the top of my list for things to invest in!

    Now, I just have to summon the courage to let the initial coating "burn" off. I tried to bake something and the most awful smell filled the kitchen. I got paranoid that wood residue from the cabinet installation or something was still in there, (I took all the plastic packaging out beforehand,) that I panicked and haven't used it since.