New kitchen gadget for breakfast

  1. Ok so I really am not that crazy for eggs and I never eat mcdonald breakfast sandwiches but just got this gadget at target that is called the EGG AND MUFFIN toaster by back to basics. Am I the only one who has never heard of this?? It's actually pretty cool! There's this section to scramble or poach an egg while your muffin or toast is being prepared. you just hit the switchwalk away and within about 10 min. It's done! I never eat breakfast so this has been really encouraging me to do so and with a whole grain english muffin a slice of cheese(chipotle cheddar) and an egg Thats about a 280 calorie breakfast, not bad! yummy!:tup:
  2. I have seen this, but wondered if it really worked right. I'm glad it does, that is kind of cool!
  3. Never heard of it, but I like the idea!
  4. ive actually seen it where it has a mini coffee pot in the same unit too! now thats efficiency :smile:
  5. How does the egg come out? I know it's gross, but I like my fried eggs with really runny yolks :shame:
  6. you can adjust the amount of water to put in depending on the consistency of how you like your eggs.:tup:
  7. ^ neat-o :tup:
  8. My parents have one of these! I love using it!

    Its a great way to get a hot breakfast fast!
  9. everyone still liking this thingy? it looks pretty neat!