New Kimomo PM

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  1. Does anyone have any photos of a modeling shot with the new Kimono PM ? I know it is on some LV sites of countries in Europe, but I'm not sure if it is yet available in the stores there. I've seen the dimensions, but would really like to know how it compares to the current one (as far as how much it holds and how it looks when carried.) I purchased the current one in April, and am not sure I want to keep it as it looks big on me. Thank you!
  2. I am curious about the kimono pm too but the bag hasn't come out yet (as far as I know) so that's probably why no one has responded with modeling shots.
  3. These are my thoughts exactly! I'm really anxious to see the Kimono PM! I've been wanting to purchase a Kimono but I am petite and I feel the kimono is too big for my frame. I'm planning on using the PM as a shoulder bag and on the crook of my arm. I do not plan to ever use the removable shoulder strap. I hope the dual handle strap drop is still big enough to fit over the shoulder though! I'm wondering if I should get the Kimono or retiro. I the retiro but now I regret selling & not sure which to get?! Any thoughts? ! As far as the mono/noir combo I already have a Gaia with a noir strap! :smile:
  4. [​IMG]

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  5. [​IMG]
  6. Is that the Kimono PM? The smaller one? How tall are you?
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  7. The Kimono PM is available on the United Kingdom website, but not the US yet. The photo above must be the regular size. I'm anxious to see a modeling shot of the PM when it is available.
  8. It's the regular size, can't wait to see the pm size!
  9. The Kimono PM is supposed to be available in August in the US
  10. Yes, I heard that too! I was told around the 12th or 15th....
  11. The regular size looks divine on you. Why do you think it looks too big?
  12. Both bags look soo pretty on you. I really like the GAIA design after looking at your picture. I look at the LV online website but notice the GAIA picture is showing vachetta braided strap. Did you purchase yours with noir strap?
  13. Oh thank you! I guess it's the top part of the Kimono that I feel is a bit big or akward for me! The top is wider/bulky and does not lay flat like the top of my Gaia. Do u see what I mean? So I think that's what makes it feel bigger?! My husband & SA agreed it looked a bit big for me. the Kimono is just so beautiful! I am hoping the pm size will look better on me! Which 2 mono/noir bags do u think look best? Gaia retiro or kimono?! Thanks sweetie!
  14. Hi! I purchased just like the online pic shows it! I also ordered through my SA a noir leather bagatelle strap to match it so I can be completely worry free on some days and wear my vachetta strap on other days :smile: However, I prefer the wearing with my black strap!
  15. I agree with the black strapIt matches with your bag. The Gaia bag is very classy and eye catchy. :smile: Thank you for the input. Now after looking at your picture I really want to see this bag at the LV boutique. It's a beautiful hobo style bag. Take care