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  1. SO.....

    after sittignaround yesterday, the day I turned 33, having a lazy day just hanging with the Girls (my little girls), DH calls in the afternoon and asks me not to do anything for dinner - he is taking me out (not surprising, he usually takes me out for dinner on my birthday)...driver will pick me up in an hour and a half. Weird. It's only 3.30pm. How early does he want to eat dinner, for goodness sake?

    Anyway, then there's a knock at the door. My Mum. Here to mind the Girls while DH & I go out to dinner. FAB! I jump in the shower, make myself look reasonably presentable, considering the heat (38 degrees yesterday and again today in Sydney - 100.4 F - whew! - thank God for air conditioniong!). DH turns up at the door with the we go into the city.....
    ...wouldn't you know it, our driver takes a wrong turn to the SHeraton, where we were going for a pre dinner cocktail. DH says "don't worry Charlie, just let us out here" out we hop (I'm SPEWING about having to get out of the airconditioned car and walk in the heat!). Wouldn't you know it, we were almost right outside Hermes, but it was pretty close to closing time, so I didn;t suggest going in. I didn't have to. I suddenly discover DH has been in cahoots with my SA for the past week, organising a little after-hours shopping extravaganza, just for me!

    Whoo HOO!!! So, after talking and talking and talking we finally get down to business. My wonderful SA has put aside a few bags for me to select from...chevre....she knows I love it.....yum! SO, lucky girl that I am, I came away with a Bolide 31cm vert anis chevre, pall h/w...a matching scarf, carefully selected by my wonderful SA, a teapot that matches the porcelain I collect, and some other goodies for later!
    Oh, and did I mention the wonderful Barenia Trim II, 31cm, pall h/w? Well, I got that, too!
    Off DH & I go, practically skipping down Elizabeth street (well, DH refused to skip....) LOADED down with BIG ORANGE BAGS...AND I was carrying my Kelly....a walking (skipping) advertisement for Hermes!!!! LOL!!!

    DH then took me down to a wonderful restaurant at the very top of Customs House, outside, overlooking Sydney Harbour.....four courses...AND he let me bang on and on and on about Hermes all evening! He just sat there nodding and smiling!! I have such a great DH, he has always been great with surprises, but this one just took the cake!

    We went for a stroll after dinner while waiting to be picked up around the Sydney Opera House, and he took a pic of me standing there, grinning from ear to ear, holding these HUGE orange bags...will post that one later (waiting for DH to emal it to me).

    Here are the pics of some of my loot:

    Bolide 31cm Vert Anis Chevre, palladium hardware.
    Trim II 31cm Natural Barenia, palladium hardware.
    Limited Edition Watering Can cadena in sterling silver, year of the tree.
    Libres Comme L'air Scarf, green colourway, Annie Faivre.
    Bolidevertanis1.JPG Bolidevertanis2.JPG bolidevertanislair.JPG BareniaTrimlair.JPG BareniaTrimAnisBolide.JPG
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  3. wow, what a b day!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!!

    GF, ur hubby sounds sooo sweet!!!!!!!

    Love the bolide and the trim and the watering can~~ Can u still get these cadenas from ur local store?? I thought after all these years, the stores probably won't have them anymore.

    BTW, a late happy B day in case u did not see my message on the other thread!!!!
  4. What a great story--okay the hubs is going to have to sit down and read this!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the Vert Anis Chevre Bolide and the Barenia Trim (that white stitching really adds something wonderful to the bag!)!!! Great scarf and cadena--didn't know they even had that! Everything is just beautiful GF. And Happy Birthday!
  5. Wow!!! GF!! Happy b-day and what an amazing dh!!! Sounds like a perfect evening - love all your goodies - the watering can cadena is so cute! Is that new or older?? enjoy...
  6. :yahoo: Your story literally gave me the chills. Its always so nice to hear great things about DHs. Love watering can and all of your choices. Wow - What a fab birthday.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  7. ahhh - thanks girls!

    The watering can cadena was HUNTED down in Switzerland and sent all the way to Australia for me by the Boyz! It is from Year of the Tree, 1998. I don't know where they found it....I expect it's quite hard to get these days.

    I think it goes particularly well with the vert anis?
  8. Stop the press -- Watering Can -- what year was this from????
    I absolutely must have one.
    GF - Happy Birthday and Congratulations Girl.
    I love everything especially that watering can.
  9. Wow, you are one lucky lady! Those gifts are beautiful and so is your DH!!! Happy Birthday and enjoy the new H goodies
  10. Oops GF thanks for answering my questions as I was asking.
  11. What a perfectly PERFECT birthday! Congrats and happy birthday!!
  12. ^no problems, Sus! I've been after it for SO even has the little holes in the spout! and the bottom is engraved with year of the tree (in french). It arrived yesterday just as we were leaving, so I put it on my Kelly (black) but I think it looks SO much nicer on the green!
  13. That's what I call a perfect evening!!!!!!
  14. It does, especially the year of the tree, and green bolide, wow!!!! what a match!!!!!
  15. Congratulations!


    What a perfect way to celebrate your birthday, with a wonderful husband.:supacool: :jammin: