New kid on the block needs help, please!!

  1. Hi... I'm a NKOTB here! I'm taking a break from LV forum...
    Chanel has started to grow on me.
    This may be sound pathetic, but I need some advice from all of you Chanel expert.
    If I were to own my first Chanel with my budget of $1500 and below, which bag should I get?
    I'm open to all suggestions cos I'm not very familiar with Chanel.:girlsigh:

    Thank you!

  2. Come on girls... dont laugh at me cos my knowledge on chanel is zero!! Or is my budget too low to afford chanel??
  3. Hi! I just bought my first Chanel yesterday. I got the petite shopping tote. It is black leather w/ gold hardware. It was $1350 before tax. I'm not sure what else you can get for less than $1500. I"m new to Chanel too:smile: Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will chime in soon!
  4. Hmmm, you could try eBay and get a vintage flap, get it authenticated here first, the pst is so cute to, has the classic chains. Also there is a wallet on a chain that is so cute, its a big wallet on a long chain , you can wear it messenger style or you could tuck the chain in and use it as a clutch, also the timeless clutch is a good cute bag, but hand held only and not to practical, good luck and post pics. Let us know what you got.
  5. thanks so much pink1 and sjunky13, I'm a little bit motivated now. I'm gonna get something by next month, will keep you guys posted!
  6. I've gotten some good deals on eBay also ... I always have the girls here ****************** too!
    Not sure what is available Retail around that price tho ...
  7. Hi - You could also get a E/W flap for about $1325.
  8. $1500 is kind of a tough budget to work with for Chanel IMHO (short of sales, eBay and the like.) There is the small Rock flap which I think is still in stock in some stores which is $1195. It is vinyl though, not leather.
    The Petite Shopping Tote is a good one and a classic... I don't know exactly what current retail is though, but I thought it was around $1500(?)
    There is also the timeless clutch.

    Other than those, I can't really think of anything.
  9. Aren't those around $1600-1700 after the last increase??
  10. Hi Sally_s

    How about the timeless clutch? Or the Paris Biaritz line (but these are not fully leather)?
  11. The recent price increase was awful so its hard to find anything for that budget now.

    Perhaps wait a little longer to get your first Chanel and in the meantime check out the reference threads?
  12. I believe that the vinyl melrose line is somewhere around your price range. :yes: The timeless clutch is somewhere around $1,125/$1,150 for the satin and caviar versions.
  13. Thank you girls, i dont mind waiting a little bit longer to get my first Chanel.
    Honestly, I cant decide to buy a suhali lockit ( $ 2230) or something chanel and a little LV ( a speedy) maybe.
    Since my budget doesnt permit me to get something "decent" for Chanel, maybe I'll forego Suhali lockit, and get a PST or classic flap instead. I dont know... What do you guys think???
  14. ^I think you should get the classic flap. I'm so biased, but I honestly do feel that Chanel is much more timeless than LV. :yes: It's worth the extra money, plus the jumbo classic flap is $2650, which isn't that much over the price of the Suhali lockit. It's also a much more versatile bag IMO.
  15. I'm not a massive fan of the Lockit though I lurrrrve Suhali.
    I'd go a timeless clutch, or if you don't mind fronting the rest (since the lockit is 2000+) I'd get an E/W... in a bright colour... like red.. .DROOLS