New Kicks!!

  1. I need help picking a new pair of stylish "tennies" .. I've been looking at Pumas and Adidas ( the old school ones!) I just need help finding a cute pair of shoes that'll look cute with my jeans..but be colorful and have a pit of personality..please help..I keep looking at Zappos and Nordstroms..and I'm just having a hard if any of you have a pair that you LOVE..please tell me:wlae:
  2. puma speedcats or for something that most people don't have: asics onistuka tiger mexico 66. they come in lots of colors and you can get them at Zappos.
  3. Thanks gymangel for the tip!!
  4. Every girl needs a pair of Speed Cats! My absolute favorites!


  5. ^ita - I wore mine to death last summer. You won't be disppointed.
  6. ^ same! They're awesome.
  7. For some reasons my puma is not as comfortable?