New Khaki Twiggy

  1. I won this new khaki twiggy on eBay last week and she came all the way from Australia. She looks so much better in person -- very good condition! Anyway, here she is with her anis sister and her red-furred camera-hog brother, Sparky.
    CIMG1497.JPG CIMG1498.JPG CIMG1500.JPG
  2. Love it.. it's yummyyyy... congrats Ronda..:yahoo:
  3. That leather looks fanastic! And don't you have the cutest cat!!!!!!
  4. Congrats!!!!! She does look better in your pics than the one seller put on eBay:yahoo:
  5. OMG, look at those eyes, matches your bags perfectly. :nuts: I know you love Green too Ronda Girl. Both bags are yummy. :drool: Congrats.:yahoo:
  6. Congrats! I love the pics. Your kitty is very pretty and the bags look so nice together.
  7. Oh, Rhondafaye! They're both gorgeous! They make a lovely couple ...
  8. very pretty, congrats!
  9. WOW the bag looks so YUMMY!!!:yahoo: Congratulations! I also love the fact that most Balenciaga lovers are cat (and dog) lovers, too...:heart: Does Sparky eye on those tassels? Mine do...
  10. pretty!!! i love khaki :wlae:
  11. Anis finds long-lost love! they look :heart: together! congrats Ronda!!!
  12. That's a beautiful twiggy, and very unique too. I saw it on eBay and thought someone would get a gem:smile:
  13. Thanks, everyone! Nanaz is right -- I'm a green girl. I still have my anis, the khaki, and a sapin but I sold my emerald day and origan box. I was overrun with greens!
  14. That's a really cute bag! Love the color! :love:
  15. Very pretty! I love the leather.. I bet it's thick and squishy! What year is the khaki from?