New Keyfobs?

  1. Has anyone been able to order any new keyfobs (keychains, whatever) that aren't out in stores yet?

  2. Yep-just got the toucan today. It was in the back and I had to ask for it.
  3. Any pics? I would love to see what it looks like. thanks:heart:
  4. I saw a few new ones in providence.. they had the toucan and they also had a sneaker (khaki sig with blue trim)..
  5. OH i would love that sneaker! how cute!
  6. Yes-I posted one with the pic of my turquoise ergo. Search for my threads...,sorry, can't post the link from this browser.
  7. saw the toucan! so cute! i also saw a blue sig keyfob. anyone know if this is out? i may have to ask at the store, but my SA's never seem to know about anything.
  8. I was able to get the toucan yesterday. I love it.
  9. I want the toucan so badly! OMG blue trim? (on the sneakers) ahh cute!
  10. I was at my store this evening and saw the toucan but was told they couldn't sell it until the end of this month. I can't remember the date though. I also saw a lion keyfob in the new catalog--supposed to be released on July 1st. It's really cute! It looks like Simba from the Lion King, but Coach-ehfied!
  11. I love Coach keychains so much, but i can't bring myself to have more than one. I've bought 3 alltogether, but two of them broke :sad:. I just can't see myself changing out my keys that often (it's such a pain) and i'm not a "charm on the bag" kind of girl. At least i get to smile at how cute all of yours are hehe.
  12. OMG, OMG, OMG, there is a lion?? I HAVE TO HAVE THAT!! I am a LEO and would die to get that! Do you have an item # for it or do you have the catalog and can post a pic?

    *note to self* must call SA tomorrow to order.
  13. is there any way someone who already bought the tucan can post the item or style #, i want to try and get one but i need the # :sad: