new keychains/charms coming out?

  1. Anyone know what keychains/charms are coming out?

    I know krispin talked about the watermelon charm..
  2. All the one's I know about is the watermelon and the skull and cross bone one or something like that.
  3. Yep a watermelon and a skull and crossbones in charms, not sure in key fobs.
  4. i was able to see pics today at my local boutique of both and they are darling just like krispin said!!!!

    the watermelon is so cute..very pink and green i was a small picture
    also the skull and crossbones was great!!!! i'm sure they'll both be hot sellers
    but i forgot to ask when they would be out
  5. LOL! Like we are so distracted by how cute they are! LOL.
  6. WHEN will these be out??
  7. I'm headed to the mall tonight...if I remember I will stop in Coach to ask...
  8. I stopped in Coach last Thursday and they told me the 2 new charms (watermelon and skull) can be ordered on Jan 21st.
  9. Does anyone know exactly what the skull/crossbones charm looks like? Color? Style number? Thnx!
  10. yay for new charms!!! :yahoo:
  11. as far as color for the new skull charm..
    from what i saw from a very "quick" look at a was a silvery grey color with black background...but again krispin can chime in on this as well as others who have also seen it!!!
  12. Yes, that is what I remember too and that it was priced at $38 so it might be a bit bigger.

    It was also in the shape of a traditional skull and crossbones, not on a circle like the zodiac charms.
  13. hey krispin
    one of these days we'll have to meet at valley fair and do a little coach looking/shopping.....that is the store and SA"s i love too!!!!! In fact wev'e probably been in the store on the same day and didn't know it!!!!
    it's fun to hear about your shopping trips with your mom!!!!!
    i lost my mom last feb, she taught me everything about quality clothes, handbags, and she was my best shopping buddy
  14. Nickel or brass hardware? Prob nickel, right?