New keychain for x'mas??

  1. Did anyone hear anything about the new keychain that is going to be released soon? (The one that is supposed to look like Jack & Lucy, but in different color) I really want to get the Jack & Lucy, but I want to see if this new one is going to be cuter first. :yes: I don't really like the white & orange combo in the Jack & Lucy that much. Thanks!
  2. Yes, there will be a Christmas version of the Jack and Lucie. I think it's going to be snowmen. I will be getting it for sure.
  3. snowmen.. >.<;;

    i might want to get that one...
  4. Hehe you and me both :graucho:
  5. Its super cute - and I think its due in the stores anytime now ..
  6. My SA said they are going to be released VERY soon ....I wish it was cooler here:Push:
  7. anyone has the pic???? i bet it's so super cute!! dying to see.....
  8. Maybe there's a pic in the Christmas catalogue.
  9. omg...i want to see this. it sounds soo cute!!!
  10. i waaaaant to see pictures!!!
  11. Hopefully it will look like the snowman charm..that will be adorable!
  12. ...WOWOWOW!!!:nuts: :graucho:
    :nuts: Stephanie.
  13. aww i think the christmas version of jack and lucie will be soooo cute!! though I hope its not red and green, idk why, but im awfully sick of those colors.. perhaps like more of a snowy theme? haha idk what im saying lol
  14. yes snowmen is much cuter than red and green!!! yayay.. cant wait till someone gets it so that I can see what its like..
  15. I love snowmen!