New key pouch?!

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  1. Key pouch/ Cles

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but can someone please provide more info? I'm definitely intrigued for this one. I've heard a few people mention it, but no real info or pictures. What are the differences?
    Thank you!
  2. I always thought it was the same thing! Sorry I'm no help
  3. I think they are the same.
  4. Are you saying that there is a new item coming? If not, key pouch/cles are the same thing.
  5. doesn't 'clés' mean 'keys' in french?
  6. I thought they were going to make the MC Cles bigger.

  7. Yes. "Clés" are keys in French. :smile:
  8. There seems to be a new option for the mono cles. Pochette clefs NM. Or was that there previously? I'm new to LV so it's all "new" to me. :smile:
    I tried selecting the NM but was redirected to the Collections home page.
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    WOW! I hope they will show the NM model soon! :graucho:
    Nevermind...I'm on my laptop and when I click on NM option it leads me to this:

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  10. I dont think it a new model its a LE one which is sold out online
  11. No someone said that apparently the new vernis cles has a different chain and a few other differences? Sorry, I,put cles/ key pouch because on the UK site its called key pouch but everyone here calls it cles
  12. That's so strange! I wonder why they've suddenly added this,yet it's unavailable? And I thought it had been for some time... Maybe a glitch with the site. But I'm sure this didn't show up before. Weird!
  13. Yes! Haha I didn't make it vey clear did I! Think i was half asleep:sleepy:
  14. it is the same item in the site it's called key pouch
    but the sa and here we say cles to mean it is not
    the 4/6 key holder, and keys are not what I think
    of putting there when I see it :smile:
  15. No sorry, I mean apparently there is a new one coming out. I know that they are the same thing ha :smile: