New Key Fobs - Including Flamingo

  1. I just got my new keyfobs in the mail today. I also got the Lobster yesterday, but forgot to include it when I took the pic.

    Whale 92500
    Flamingo 92517
    Turtle 92518
    Newest key fobs.jpg
  2. Wow - so cute - I want them all, but have to have the Flamingo!
  3. hm.. i thought the flamingo would be really shinny and pink?
  4. OMG I NEED the whale and the turtle!!!
  5. Aww, I like the turtle and whale the best! They kind of have a retro 60's-70's look to them but I don't know why I think that.
  6. I love the new fobs!! I can't wait to order these! The Flamingo is so cute!! Do you know if there are any other new fobs and charms coming out!!
  7. teeheehee...not my style...but very cute!

    The turtle is a cutie-patootie too and love the pop of the patent flamingo.
  9. Love, love, love these. I must have them.
  10. Here's another picture of all the fobs that I have that I haven't put into their shadowbox yet. Yes, I am fob obsessed. I also have three (1 large and 2 small) shadowboxes full of fobs too.
    Out of Box Fobs.jpg
  11. Aww, love the turtle!!! They're all very cute!!
  12. Aw, so cute! I MUST get that cute little turtle!
  13. I love the Lobster!!
  14. Sooo cute! I must have that whale!

    Is the flamingo red or pink? Its hard to tell in that picture.
  15. Oh the turtle and flamingo are too cute!