New Kelly!!!

  1. hello everyone! i've been MIA recently- been very busy. sorry rose, i know i owe you a PM! anyway, i just wanted to update you all on my Gris Pale (pale grey) Kelly!
    here are pictures!
    32cm Clemence with Palladium hardware!!
    one thing i noticed is that it smells different than my Clemence Birkin. is that weird?? the Kelly is F stamp and Birkin is J stamp. The Kelly and the Birkin, though the same leather, smell totally different. :confused1:


  2. GORGEOUS! Congratulations!
  3. Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Beautiful congratulations.
  5. What beauties! They will smell different depending upon the process and substances used to colour the leather.
  6. beautiful collection croissant!

    your kelly is perfect for S/S! congratulations!
  7. thanks everyone! the grey is really chic and modern. i love it.
  8. Whenever I see a white kelly, it reminds me of VB's kelly (the one with orange piping) and it screams ELEGANT right away!!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! It's such a beauty:wlae:
  9. LOVE your new Kelly, Croissant!:love: Great color/leather/hw combo! It looks GORGEOUS next to your Birkin!:nuts:
  10. So pretty! How do you like the Kellys vs. the Birkin now that you've had both for awhile?
  11. CONGRATULATIONS! You are all set for Spring/Summer! :wlae:
  12. beautiful.
    could you take a picture of the kelly by something that is white? that color looks so... white (lol) next to the black.
    very different from your other kelly!
    congratulations. how do you like the kelly in clemence?
  13. [​IMG]
  14. thanks everyone!! i love the Kelly in Clemence. it is really perfect. my dream Kelly like Sofia Coppola's. its slouchy and grey and Palladium..just PERFECT!! it even still had plastic on the hardware. but can anybody answer me the leather scent question, please?:confused1:
  15. GORGEOUS Croissant! This color is beautiful and very special; not one you'll see too many people walking down the street with b/c it's so HTF!