New Kelly Wallet

  1. I went into my H store yesterday and my SA showed me the new Kelly wallet/clutch. Its a wallet but you can use it as a clutch. very cute design. unfortunately, the only one there was box calf so i passed.
  2. What color did you see? I got one in vert anis in Chevre. I just LOVE it!
  3. I think those Kelly wallets are a great idea. I just wish they werent so expensive
  4. What prices have you seen? In Canada, a chevre mysore was 3k and a croc was over 10k (both before 13% tax)

    I love the look, but that's a picton or a massai!
  5. ^^^ I saw those beautiful croc kelly wallets in Toronto. The red croc was beautiful; they also had a black and brown there. My vert chevre mysore came to the same price as yours, Piaffe.
  6. US $2250 for box in large size. I forgot how much was the croc one in that size :sad:
  7. I didn't actually get it - just admired from a distance! (still hoping to get my hands on the GM etoupe picton that is hiding in Vancouver...)

    How about some modelling pictures?
  8. I saw one in Rouge H box. SO pretty. I loved all the little details :heart: I just have to keep telling myslef that they are large, expensive and not very practical :lol:
  9. I will upload pictures of it later. I'm just waiting for the babysitter before I head off to boot camp.
  10. Anyone has problem opening and closing it?
  11. i saw one IRL and would love to have it in croc!
  12. Does anyone have any pictures to share of this wallet???
  13. Someone posted a black one a while back. I don't remember exactly in which thread.
  14. I saw it... but would love more pics! It is stunning!
  15. Here's a "quick and dirty" photo-

    violet mysore with pall hardware. Would love one in croc rouge vif!!! This would actually make a nice clutch.
    kelly wallet violet.JPG