New Kelly Owner with Questions!

  1. :yahoo: Hi All -

    Firsts, I love this forum -- you guys are the best! (I was an avid reader for a month while I decided on a Hermes bag!!)

    Now, I am a new Kelly owner (or new to me) and I got a 35cm in Rouge H that I love, love, love! For the 'fashion impaired' what can I wear with this Kelly? (I am 5'7".)

    Also, any tricks to getting into and out of the bag -- I am used to Louis' with zippers that are just drop and run bags. And finally, I am not sure that I like the way it looks with the strap. Any pointers? I read somewhere about using an Evelyn strap to make this bag more of a site-seeing bag (which would be perfect because I will be honeymooning in June in Paris/Monaco!)

    I have read all the threads just looking for some personal advice.

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. Welcome and congrats on your Kelly!!!! :yahoo: You can wear almost anything, especially with Rouge H. A favorite outfit of many Kelly owners I've seen (and what I would wear if I had one!) is a crisp white button down shirt, dark jeans, heels, maybe pearls or an Hermes pocket square or scarf. :love: Check out the thread "your Hermes in action" to see some lovely outfits with Kellys!!!
  3. Thanks so much! I really appreciate the feedback -- I saw a thread that basically said "Where your Kelly with everything!" which was great to hear! l love the crispness of the outfit you described above too!
  4. Congrats on the Kelly! You can order a longer canvas strap from Hermes and wear the bag crosswise like a messenger. Very chic!!!
  5. A honeymoon in Paris.....ahhhhhh.....and congratulations on your new Kelly!

    Today I happen to be wearing my Rouge H Kelly too.... with my white with red stripes t-shirt and my denim skirt and white sneakers. The hardware is gold, and my jewelry is mostly white, so I am also wearing a long yellow gold necklace with a silver charm.
  6. WELCOME, LV STEPH!!!! You have yourself a gorgeous Kelly!!!! Do take GT's advice and order the canvas strap because this will be a comfortable way to wear your Kelly abroad.

    Rouge H? You can wear that baby with just about everything!!!! Check out our "Your Hermes in Action" and enjoy the many ways that bag can be worn. You will LOVE it!!!!!
  7. Rouge H kelly...:drool: :drool: :drool:

    Congrats! So, so beautiful.
  8. I wear a lot of black and I'm thinking rouge H is such a sexy color to go with any black outfit.
  9. Thank you all -- and thanks for being 'enablers' on my purchase too!! :yahoo: I will definitely look at the threads again! You are the best!
  10. rouge H is such a gorgeous color, but it can be intimidating to dress around. Try it with black/white, brown, and monet blue.

    congrats! sounds like a beautiful bag!!
  11. Rouge H is one of THE best Hermes colors! Congrats!!! It really does go with anything and everything...don't be shy and use that bag!! I'm very casual and wear cardigans, tees and jeans most of the time...anything goes! Look in the threads for inspiration .... there are a lot of pics of everyone carrying their bags...enjoy!
  12. congratulations!! rouge h is gorgeous!!
  13. CONGRATS ON YOUR NEW KELLY!!! Rouge H is one of the most classic colors around!! You can wear it w/ most everything as all the ladies here have said. I like to wear my Rouge H w/ a crisp blk cotton or jersey shirt dress. It's very chic yet comfortable, also. Enjoy her and do pls. post some pics of your new beauty, AND YOU!!!
  14. I love rouge H too == it does go with lots of colors. Congrats on your new bag.
  15. YAY!!! :yahoo: Congrats! WELCOME TO THE ORANGE SIDE!
    Yep, you can wear her with just about anything, she's not picky. :yes:
    She'll look great with jeans, a tee and heels, or pretty much with whatever!