New Kelly - Loose Thread?

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  1. My SA presented me with a Rose Jaipur sellier Kelly 28 in epsom leather yesterday. It's my very first H bag and a thrilling experience! I was so excited I bought her on the spot - I loved the colour, the size, the style.. everything! Unfortunately when I got her home I realized she had an imperfection.. this loose thread sticking up near the bottom corner.

    I returned to the store earlier today to talk to the SM and we looked it over together. She basically said it's bound to happen to your bags over time with use and her own Kelly has it. She also said they do not send new bags out for repair and that basically I could either live with it or return it. I felt for spending $10k on a brand new bag the stitching should be absolutely perfect. I can accept wear and tear if I had used the bag, but she didn't even make it all the way out of her box! I really love Rose Jaipur and everything else, I did choose to return but I feel I regret it a little now.

    So my question to you ladies: would you have returned the bag? Does your Kelly have any loose threads from use? Suppose I am looking for reassurance that I made the right choice


  2. Return. I don't think the SM answer is acceptable. Would you buy a brand new luxury car with a dent already in it?

    ETA: I wonder if they will try to sell it to someone else.
  3. I would have lived with that. The bag is a-mah-zing!!
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  4. I think the bag should be perfect. A purchase like this is supposed to give you a good feeling, a good vibe, and a good memory. I would be very irritated by the defect, and every single time I see that loose thread it would chip away at the joy of owning such an item. Therefore, I would return the bag.
  5. Loose thread after many uses. Return was best idea because it would bother you. I also think they will sell to someone else, who may or may not return it.
  6. I would have kept it. I don't look that closely to my bags. I have several that are still in its box waiting to be carried out for the first time. Spring/summer weather needs to come sooner.
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  7. I would return the bag too. There is no way I can accept it for a $10k worths bag.
  8. I think they will definitely sell to someone else - I actually wondered if I was offered the bag because others had passed on it for the same reason.

    It's available now if you want it :lol:

    I know I am OCD/anal with my bags but my fiancé who is pretty oblivious noticed the thread before I even pointed it out. I think I may be extra sensitive since this is my first H bag.. can't wait until I have many awaiting to be carried :biggrin:
  9. Yes I definitely had a bad vibe after noticing the flaw. There were also some black specs of glazing over the front but I was told those would eventually come off. My SA looked quite disappointed when I brought her back which bums me out - I love my SA to bits!!
  10. If it is your first H bag and supposed to be a brand new bag, then it should even be more perfect. I think the SM was trying to brush it off because they want the revenues. Return it as you will be offered another later. Don't settle for less. That loose thread can snatch onto something and pull, making it even worse. By then, it would be your problem and you've to pay for it for repairs.

  11. It would not surprise me at all that this bag might have been offered to another client(s) & possibly rejected (stitch issue)
    but the response from your SA was even more surprising.

    While the color is smashing, once noticed,that bag should have been
    sent out to H for a repair of that thread & for your SA to say that they don't
    send out new bags for repair, is rather disturbing.

    I have several Kelly's (vintage & new) & don't have any "stitch issues" & was never
    told that over time this would even occur... I know it does with wear & tear, but not with
    a new bag just out of the box..
  12. I think when we go to H and a gorgeous bag is put in front of us, it is really easy to get swept away. Always check every part of the bag BEFORE purchasing. If there is anything that catches your eye that you do not like, just simply walk away. It's not worth it.. Not at these prices. The bag should be perfect. No loose threads, nothing dangling, the zipper should work perfectly, the clips on the strap should open and close properly. It takes me a while to check the bag before purchase. There are certain things and areas that are prone to have imperfections. Remember these are hand made, hand sewn, so there is a very small latitude of forgiveness.. I still remember a gorgeous fjord bag that I declined, because the stamp was not "crisp". It was really hard to walk away... But alas, they got another one in a few weeks time that was truly perfect.
  13. I certainly felt as though the SM was brushing it off - she empathized with me a little but also tried to make it out like it was normal and would happen no matter what. This thread is definitely making me feel good about my decision!

    Now I am wondering - how long until I am offered another bag?!
  14. The SM is the one that said new bags do not get sent out - my SA was a true sweetheart about it as she has always been very patient and understanding! But I agree I can't believe they will turn around and likely try to re-sell it in that condition. I am very careful with my bags and always have been so I couldn't foresee myself having that issue anytime soon.

    Ah yes I have certainly learned this lesson of inspection! When the bag was presented to me I was taken into the change room at the back of the store - the lighting was not the best and there was no table to place the bag on - so I modelled it in the mirror and was so happy I just said "yes!!!" - I will certainly be going over the next one with a fine tooth comb haha - it is much easier to walk away then to have to bring the bag back in for return.. it really did break my heart a little!!
  15. I also feel you were right to return the bag, it would have bothered me too.