New Kelly Design

  1. Hi, I'm new to this forum, and I recently saw in a magazine this kelly bag that has 2 pockets in front. Is this a new Kelly design? Is there a name for this bag? Many thanks.:flowers:
  2. maybe it is the "Kelly Lakis"? it is a couple of years old, named after a Mr. Lakis who inspierd the design.
  3. I believe you're right, avan. I saw it at a H store. I quite liked it as a casual bag but preferred the black box Kelly that I bought.
  4. Kelly Lakis.jpg

    This bag, right?
  5. ^They are bringin' sexy back!
  6. Ooo...that's one HOT bag with pretty jewels on it !! :nuts: I never liked the Kelly Lakis that much, but this ad turned it into one sexy bag !
  7. Ok, it's official. I WANT A KELLY LAKSIS~~~ I never liked it before but that picture really changed my mind~~


    Or a ROSE SHOCKING CHEVRE version of it with ruthenium or palladium hardware (ostrich won't work in this case) ~ This may work as a work bag (not that I'll dare to bring it to work)
  8. go Kou.. that would be perfect for you...
  9. Yes! This is the one. Do anyone know how much is this bag? Its really stylish.
  10. The Kelly lakis only comes in 3 colors :
    - chocolat
    - bleu indigo
    - and Black

    for a 35 cm it's around 5300 €. :flowers:
  11. I think someone on the board has one....
  12. i never like hermes kellies .. but this one is exceptional:heart:
  13. So they don't make it in other leather or colors at all? do you know if they're going to expand the range? As gorgeous as those three colors are, those are colors I will never buy:P
  14. They had a black one on the shelf in SF for what seemed like forever. Don't know if someone finally bought it or they moved it off the floor. :shrugs: