New Kate Spade tote for Spring

  1. I think I like this. Anyone else?

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  2. Its pretty and bright, and perfect for spring. I do like it.
  3. I love the pattern. It's nice to see a bag that pops for the spring. Very nice choice.
  4. not a fan
  5. What a fun bag!
  6. I like kate spade but it's just okay for me.
  7. It's cute - but not for me.
  8. Good for summer!
  9. Very bright! I've seen it in canvas (solid color)....seems like a really nice tote.
  10. I love the shape, and the red and pink "petals" remind me of tulips! Very nice for spring. :o)
  11. I agree. I'm not much for patterns and I don't like pink.
  12. Not a fan, but Kate Spade is sooo durable@!
  13. It's to busy for me
  14. It's cute.
  15. Not exactly my style or choice for colors.