New Kate Moss for Topshop Collection


Jan 1, 2007
Not sure there is anything I have to have. I'll take another look later.

I will say, I can see her wearing most of this collection.


couch potato-ing
Jun 11, 2007
personally i think it's about time to dress a little bit for her age. she's in a great shape and great position to reinvent herself again....and this collection isn't impressive at all.

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Jul 7, 2006
Los Angeles
I only ordered the sequined jacket. I did it last night originally from Topshop's site then realized Nordstrom was carrying the line so I cancelled my Topshop order and bought from Nordstrom. It's the only item right now that's sold out. Most of her stuff looks similar to past seasons and some of it is impractical, like the gowns and such. There was the one shouldered dress similar to the one from her 1st collection, but it wasn't as cute and it was expensive for being 100% polyester.
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May 24, 2006
I'll go to Topshop to check it out. I was about to buy a dress from the website, but Topshop clothes always have a funky fit on my body, so I prefer to try on the clothes before buying.


May 23, 2009
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I'm not so interested in what these are, which are vintage copies when the real vintage/antique originals are available for less money and are so much ore beautifully made. I will enjoy seeing others wearing the styles though.

N_A_P is also carrying them if anyone needs to know


Mar 12, 2014
London, UK
I spent probably entirely too much time this morning running around to Topshop to exchange my size 12 fringed leather jacket I picked up on a whim last night from her collection to an 8. So pleased that I did, it's such a fantastic statement to my boring work outfits and makes me feel amazing when I'm wearing it! The prices are pretty high, but I'd rather pay £190 for a jacket that should last ages than £60 for a scarf that I can wear only during two seasons/year. :supacool:


Feb 28, 2008
I really like this collection, though I do agree that it's overpriced.

Fringe is not my thing at all, but I absolutely loved the two fringed jackets. I wanted both, but that's not in my budget so I ended up picking the navy leather because it's a bit more unusual and I thought I might be able to get more use out of it during the summer when it's too warm for long sleeves. The brown suede is more everyday casual, lovely and super soft. The black suede wasn't in the store.

I like the look of the cami tops but they all have very long spaghetti straps and hang low and drapey. Way too low on me and I don't think another cami/bra layer looked good underneath.

Impressions of other items:

Aztec print sundress: This one is really overpriced as it's just unlined cotton, and somewhat thin cotton at that. I really love the print though, so I might get it anyway. I sized down because of the loose fit.

Paisley midi dress: essentially a long slip dress. The see-through lace around the chest makes it difficult to wear any sort of bra underneath. Very pretty, though it reminds me of Free People (this is better quality).

Yellow chiffon dress: Very cute, but too short for me. I'm not into the one shoulder style either.

Floral print dress: pretty but not particularly unique fit-and-flare style made from a cotton waffle fabric. I could not pull the zipper past the waist seam on one dress when I was wearing it. The SA said it was a common problem because of the bulky fabric there. I tried a different one and it was fine.

Scalloped shorts: cute and flirty. I liked these until I bent over and could easily see underwear through the sheer layer as the opaque layer rode up. So they may be ok if you wear a thong or never sit down in them.

Long fringe black dress: chic sheath with very long fringe hanging from the neckline. It's more form-fitting than some of the other dresses I tried so I sized up.

Beaded fringe dress: really really gorgeous! I didn't try it on because of the price and I have nowhere to wear it. It's heavy due to all the beads, of course. I imagine the beaded jacket is also beautiful, but it wasn't in the store.

Paisley print sundress: I didn't try it on but might later. It seems very wide and sack-like. It looks like the tie at the waist may be the only thing that gives it shape.


Jun 4, 2006
meh... nothing special imo.
Actually they're quite expensive for the type of materials used...